City adds parking lot to Clearlake Greenspace

Resident W.D. Kimzey feeds geese by the new parking lot at the Clearlake Greenspace in Weatherford on Monday afternoon. The city’s Parks, Recreation and Special Events Department staff also plan to add benches and trash receptacles to the space. 

Weatherford’s Parks, Recreation and Special Events Department has made improvements to the Clearlake Greenspace, which includes a pond, and more are on the way.

A parking lot was installed at the greenspace, at 2120 Lake Front Drive, in December, Parks, Recreation and Special Events Department Director Shannon Goodman said.

“The parking lot was needed to control visitors from driving on the grass and creating erosion on the property,” Goodman said.

In addition to the parking lot, two benches and trash receptacles are expected to be added this spring, Goodman said.

“The parking lot cost was $33,000 and we have budgeted $54,000 for improvements to the property,” Goodman said. “This includes dirt work, benches, trash receptacles and large boulders to line the perimeter of the property.”

Residents came to a city council meeting in September 2018 to discuss the greenspace, with several defending the greenspace, and the council ultimately rejected a bid to sell the property. Also at the meeting, residents brought up concerns about the area not being maintained and trash being left there. Former Mayor Craig Swancy had suggested that the neighbors organize themselves to determine the greenspace’s needs.

Goodman said the department has based improvements to the greenspace on suggestions from residents.

Resident W.D. Kimzey said the parking lot is about the size of a three bedroom, two bathroom house. Before the parking lot was built, people would drive on the grass right up to the pond, leaving ruts and dirt would go into the pond, he said.

“There’s a good place to park now so nobody will get stuck or cut ruts or anything in it,” Kimzey said.

Kimzey said the city might consider painting parking spot lines, installing cement parking-stops and putting up signs instructing people not to park in the grass.

Kimzey described the greenspace as an area where families come to with their children to hang out and feed ducks. He said he appreciates the city’s efforts with the parking lot.

“I think it’s a good use of the taxpayers’ money, and it made the city nicer,” Kimzey said. “We kind of have a shortage of little lakes and streams and recreational water in Texas anyway, so it’s nice, a place for the ducks and kids to hang out some.” 

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