Weatherford City Council is planning to reconsider the master plat at 722 W. Park Ave. during a special session on Tuesday.

A few weeks ago, the council considered the master plat for an 87-residential lot subdivision and voted 2-2 in a motion to deny the item. Council members Kevin Cleveland and Heidi Wilder voted to deny while Mayor Paul Paschall and council member Jeff Robinson voted to in opposition to denial. Council member Curtis Tucker was absent from the meeting.

At the time, City Attorney Ed Zellers said the split vote resulted in denial of the agenda item.

Upon further review, it was determined that the motion had failed, not the plat, Weatherford Communications and Marketing Director Blake Rexroat said. At the upcoming meeting, the council will vote again to either pass or not pass the plat.

Because the motion was denied and no other decisions took place, council did not technically make a decision on the master plat, Rexroat said. Therefore, the plat would be approved moving forward.

“If they don’t do something in 30 days then it’s automatically approved because [Planning and Zoning Commission] voted ‘yes’ to it to move it to council, so by law it would automatically be approved, so that’s why it’s on the agenda for them to actually go back and do a vote since they’re all going to be there,” Rexroat said.

The land in question is about 23.7 acres, which is zoned R-1 residential. The plan would include a two-lane arterial street from Bowie Drive to Park Avenue.

Council debated the expansion of the arterial road to four lanes and the effect the road would have on the area in the future. Robinson said it may take 10-20 years before the area is developed enough for road expansion while Cleveland said the road would need to be expanded faster.

Carol Goen lives near where the proposed new road and subdivision would be built and spoke out at the previous city council meeting about the road dipping onto her property. Goen is planning to speak at the upcoming meeting as well.

Goen said the plan presented last month would allow the road to expand into her property. She also said the area is not a safe place for a road, and she is in favor of moving the road elsewhere on the subdivision property.

“That’s not going to be a good place to have two-lanes of traffic coming in and out, you need to move it down because there’s a bad curve up here, you’re going to be going over a blind hill, there’s all kinds of reasons,” Goen said.

During the last meeting, Developer Mark Allen said putting the arterial road in the middle of the property would be 50 percent more expensive and lessen the number of lots by 35 percent. Allen said his team looked at many plans for the arterial road.

Allen said at the meeting that moving the road from would be a deal breaker because the current positioning on the southern property line was the only way to make the project work economically.

The council meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. at city hall and includes a work session to discuss “90-day reserves policy, cash flow impact and future capital needs including police and fire stations,” according to the agenda.