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Recently completed county projects were part of the 2016 transportation bond that voters approved and 22 of the 25 original projects have been completed so far.

Freese and Nichols Engineer Tim Sansone gave a presentation and discussed completed road projects with the Parker County commissioners Tuesday morning that have improved safety and mobility throughout the county.

The projects were part of the 2016 transportation bond that voters approved and 22 of the 25 original projects have been completed so far.

“We’ve almost completed all the original projects and now we’re looking at new projects with the discretionary funds and savings from the original projects,” Sansone said. “We have seven projects that are currently under construction throughout the community and we have six projects under design. I would say the difference between the 2016 bond and the 2008 bond is that county forces are really doing the construction effort for a lot of the projects, and that’s a big savings for the community. Those dollars get spread further, faster and it’s one thing that’s really different from the previous bond.”

Sasone highlighted some of the bigger projects that have been completed, starting with the Vernon Road and Dean Drive project, saying it was a good partnership with Aledo ISD in fast-tracking the concrete road project and improving access to Coder Elementary School.

The second project was Spring Creek Bridge in Precinct 3.

“I can’t say enough about this project. It was a partnership with [the Texas Department of Transportation],” Sansone said. “TxDOT had built a bridge in the area and the county built another bridge and it was a two for one deal. It was almost $1 million less than what the budget had.”

Precinct 3 Commissioner Larry Walden said they used a local bridge contractor, which saved money and it was a matching partnership with TxDOT.

“We replaced a narrow, one-lane bridge there and opened it up to make it a much safer situation,” Walden said. “It was a good project for everyone.”

The Williams-Ward Road project has created an east loop around the city of Springtown to help with mobility.

“Since they’re working on the main street in Springtown now, the amount of traffic there has tripled and it’s really good that we got that done before they closed Springtown Main Street down,” Precinct 1 Commissioner George Conley said.

The North Bend Road and Farm-to-Market Road 51 intersection was improved for safety.

“We’re just waiting on TxDOT to do their part of [FM] 51, so that’s all we lack now,” Precinct 2 Commissioner Craig Peacock said.

Sansone said that the project also saved quite a bit of money for future projects.

“This is one of those projects where the county forces came in and completed it and saved nearly $300,000 in work, so it’s another one of those where we can use that money for other projects,” Sansone said.

Old Brock Road was widened and overlaid for a smooth drive.

“This stretches from [Farm-to-Market] 1189 to Old Dennis Road and it’s a key cut-through for Precinct 3 for both access to the schools and the southern portion of the precinct,” Sansone said.

Walden said they were able to widen another bridge on Old Brock Road, taking it from one-lane to two.

“I compliment my crew for doing such a good job on the construction of this road — it is a good road,” Walden said. “It’s an example of how priorities change because Old Brock Road is just south of the new Brock High School and new Brock elementary, so it had become a rather dangerous roadway because of the increase in traffic there.”

The last project that was highlighted was White Settlement Road in Precinct 4.

“In this area, there were multiple accidents where people would try to drive through the sharp turn and go straight into somebody’s fence. It was a routine call that Commissioner [Steve] Dugan had to address,” Sansone said. “We realigned two curves and it’s a much safer intersection of all users in the community and with the increase in traffic, White Settlement Road is becoming a cut-through now.”

“It turned out really well and we’re proud of that road," Dugan said. "It has dramatically reduced the amount of run-offs on the road there and we jumped on that [project] right off the bat.”

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