Community invited to play in WC Flute Choir

Members of the Weatherford College Flute Choir rehearse on Wednesday evening in the Alkek Fine Arts Center band hall. From left are John Ruiz, Jimmy Gray, Eliza Williams and Netanya McKeown.

After starting up during the summer, Weatherford College’s Flute Choir is preparing for their first performance on Saturday.

For now, the choir acts as a club, though WC flute and composition adjunct professor Eliza Williams hopes it will someday become a class once it gains more membership. The class would count as credit hours for music majors as well as a continuing education class for community participants.

The choir meets at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesdays in the Alkek Fine Arts Center in room 113, the band hall. Any intermediate or advanced flutist in Parker County is welcome to attend.

In general, several members of flute choirs tend to be people who have stopped playing and are trying to return to it, Williams said. 

“My experience with flute choirs is that a lot of the people who participate played in high school and then set it aside and got on with their lives and then later thought, ‘Hey, I miss this,’ and they’re trying to get back in to it, they’re trying to get their chops back,” Williams said. “We welcome faculty, staff, students and the greater community.” 

High school students who want to join the group are required to be on an intermediate level, Williams said. 

So far, the choir has four members, which include Williams, two Weatherford College students and a Tarrant County College student. The goal is for the group to have 10-20 participants, Williams said.

“I feel like music is just innately a social thing, so it makes sense to want to play it with people,” Flute Choir member and Tarrant County College music composition sophomore John Ruiz said.

The choir welcomes original music and is currently rehearsing pieces written by its members, Williams said.

“We tend to feature music in which the different parts of the music are on different levels so that no matter how advanced or intermediate someone might be they would still be able to find something that they could play and contribute to the group,” Williams said.

The choir takes turns playing the featured part of any song so that each member can have the spotlight, Williams said. The group plays many genres of music, including classical, jazz, movie and Broadway tunes and rock.

The choir is looking forward to performing opportunities this semester, such as on Saturday at the Tarrant Composers Forum in Arlington and the end-of-semester recital at WC. Williams said the group is also in the process of arranging a seasonal winter performance.

WC music sophomore Jimmy Gray said Williams got him to play in the choir, and being in it gives him more performance opportunities.

“I don’t really get much public performance, other than just playing in church which isn’t really much of performance,” Gray said. “It’s an opportunity to get a bit more performance.” 

Opportunities for flutists to perform are limited since WC does not have a band or orchestra, Williams said.

“There’s not something specifically for the flutist, so for lack of a band, we have the Flute Choir,” Williams said.

For more information about the Flute Choir, contact Williams at

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