Companies team up for joint venture in hand sanitizer

Weatherford’s Davis City Pharmacy and Jamak recently teamed up to help supply Parker County first responders with hand sanitizer.

Just as Parker County first responders have worked together to ensure the safety and well being of local residents during the COVID-19 pandemic, two longtime fixtures of Weatherford, Davis City Pharmacy and Jamak recently teamed up to provide hand sanitizer in an effort to look after those on the front lines.

Following a temporary FDA policy issued back in March allowing for the manufacturing of hand sanitizer by pharmacies and other industrial businesses, Davis City Pharmacy, which has been serving local residents for decades, began supplying first responders with their own in-house made supply.

Soon after Jamak, which has been in Weatherford since 1974 and manufactures and distributes silicone components used in defense, public safety, food, transportation, healthcare and medical devices caught wind of the effort and reached out to the pharmacy’s manager, Brandi Chane to offer assistance, an offer she warmly welcomed.

“Jamak saw the story in the Democrat and then asked me if there was anything they could do to help with our efforts,” Chane said.

“At that point it was getting really hard to get ahold of ingredients, and so they asked me for the formula, and have since been able to donate. They just dropped off 10 gallons to us [Wednesday].”

The joint venture has already supplied Parker County first responders and frontline workers with roughly 20-25 gallons of donated hand sanitizer, Chane said, while financial donations by local businesses and private citizens alike have further helped fuel Davis City Pharmacy and Jamak’s efforts.

“We’ve been doing that since the beginning of March,” Chane said.

“We were also selling it to the general public and basically, every one that was purchased by a customer, another was donated to a first responder, frontline worker or essential business. We’ve had sizable donations, it just helps us continue to be able to make the purchases we’ve needed to and we turn right around and donate it as first responders need it.”

In terms of getting these needed supplies to first responders, Chane said she is in constant communication with Parker County Emergency Management Coordinator Sean Hughes, who relays what is needed at any given time.

Even more, those conversations have expanded to include the prospect of antibody testing, a service Chane said is in the works.

“Sean Hughes asked me about antibody testing, I did some research and once FDA-approved, reliable antibody tests are available, we’ll be doing that here as well as four other pharmacies that I’ve coordinated with so that we can spread those services throughout the county,” Chane said.

Helping the local community through such efforts is an undertaking the Davis City Pharmacy manager said is close to her heart.

“I think it’s really important,” Chane said.

“We’ve all been really happy that we’ve been able to do just this one small thing. I have a brother who’s an officer with the county, and I’ve been in healthcare for the last 20 years and I always want to volunteer, help out, donate wherever I can. This pharmacy has been here for decades and it’s always been extremely important to us that we make sure our community is taken care of. Jim and Myrlan Coleman who own the pharmacy, whenever I spoke with them about it, they jumped right onboard.

“Everyone is willing, able and ready, and so we’re gonna do whatever we need to take care of our community.”

President of Jamak Dan Thompson echoed Chane’s commitment to serving first responders and frontline workers.

“Jamak’s been located here in Weatherford for many years, and we love the people in Weatherford and Parker County who make up our team,” Thompson said.

“We’re honored to be able to work with Davis City Pharmacy to help provide hand sanitizer in a difficult time for our first responders and emergency professionals who take care of us. We’re just delighted to be able to do that for the community and certainly feel fortunate to have the resources to do it.

“It’s certainly not the only thing we’re going to be doing with the community, but we’re just happy that we could do this at this time.”

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