After a small number of leaks were detected by the water company last week and a boil water notice sent out Tuesday, Western Lake Estates residents are continuing to deal with water issues.

But that could all change this month.

“[Last week] we experienced a small number of leaks within Western Lake Estates, and our operators worked around the clock to ensure all issues were repaired quickly and properly,” according to a statement from Monarch Utilities. “We take water quality very seriously, and each year we invest in multiple projects to make improvements throughout Texas. Starting by end of August, we will start our pipeline replacement project on our main pipe within Western Lake Estates. This will help us strengthen our system to make it less vulnerable and reduce the risk of breakdowns. We are also upgrading control systems, which will help monitor aged lines for breakage so that we may prevent issues before they happen. In addition, we are installing automatic flush valves that will improve water quality.”

Western Lake Estates resident Ruthie McCurley said the water issues have increased over the last couple of months.

“It’s just not the way customers should be treated. Especially the honest ones that pay their bill on time and deserve good service and drinkable/bathe-able water,” McCurley said. “The base rate could be waved or at least cut in half for the months that we have had issues. It might be time to update the system — there seems to be more families than they first expected. If they want to make us boil the water and/or have bad water quality, then they need to again lower the base rate or reimburse what we have to buy in gallons. I’m basically paying for water twice. They need to improve their customer service. When they gave the water last time, in the email it said over 500 customers were affected but they only supplied 100 cases and it was distributed on the honor system.”

McCurley said the issues have made her feel, “Like my family and money doesn’t matter.”

But the water company said leaks are unpredictable.

“As proactive as we are, leaks are unpredictable. They are due in large part to aging infrastructure. After years of usage, pipes and facilities to treat water wear down over time. This is a common issue throughout America, and each utility is working to improve infrastructure, including Monarch,” according to the statement. “We appreciate our customers reaching out with concerns so we may investigate and provide answers. We strive to provide the best quality water and service.”

Monarch Utilities issued a boil water notice Tuesday morning because of low distribution system pressure and said they are actively investigating the cause of the low pressure.

Monarch said any customer with questions or concerns can call 866-654-7992 or email

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