At Monday’s regular meeting of the Parker County commissioners, motions on the new East Parker County Annex as well as the East Bankhead Highway construction project were presented and approved.

In April of 2016, property for the new annex, which is in Precinct 4 at Old Weatherford Road and Farm-to-Market Road 3325 in Aledo, was donated by Morningstar developers Tim Fleet and Kim Gill.

The 8,019-square-foot building will house the Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace courtroom, offices, a lobby, a jury room and storage, offices for the constable, the tax office and lobby, an investigator office, a break room and restrooms. The new annex will also be a location for voting and auto registration.

In June, the commissioners approved the square footage design and the construction procurement method, which is the design-build method. The design-build method is where the owner hires a general contractor and architect as a team to design and build the project for a guaranteed maximum price, according to the annex design document. The team contracts directly with subcontractors and are chosen based on the best value. The owner must also hire an independent architect to serve as the “eyes and ears” of the owner and look after the owner’s interest as the project progresses.

At Monday’s meeting, the commissioners approved a recommended shortlist for the next phase of the request for proposal process.

“We received eight responses and a team of members that will be located in that building once it’s completed along with the county attorney, myself and the architect and engineer that are representing us were on a committee to review the evaluations, analyze those and come up with a shortlist,” County Purchasing Agent Kim Rivas said. “This Friday we’ll issue the RFP bridging documents to those respondents, we’ll allow a site walk on Dec. 19 and we’ll be accepting the responses through Jan. 14, 2020. On the 23rd of January, the request for proposals are due.”

The committee recommended Speed Fab-Crete and CNF architects, Imperial Construction and Komatsu Architecture and JRJ Construction and Parkhill, Smith and Cooper Inc. architecture firm.

“We’re excited to get eight responses and they were all relatively close in the services they provide, so it took some collaboration between the committee members to come up with a top three,” Rivas said.

At the June meeting, Rivas said the timeline will be about 20 to 21 months for the project.

The commissioners also approved a change order on the East Bankhead Highway project, which will save the county $25,000 on the project as well as reduce the completion time.

“We had multiple contractors bid on the East Bankhead construction project and we provided a unique opportunity for them to issue a reduction in cost for closing lanes as well as a reduction in the number of days that the road would be under construction,” Freese and Nichols Engineer Tim Sansone said. “The court decided to go with GRod Construction and ultimately they decided they would provide a $25,000 reduction in price and a 30-day reduction in the contract time.”

East Bankhead Highway was identified in the 2016 Transportation Bond program as a corridor that warranted investment, according to Precinct 4 Commissioner Steve Dugan. The first phase of the project was completed in 2017, which added turn lanes at the intersections of Vernon Road and Dean Drive.

The second phase of the project began last month.

“It includes turn lanes at Ranch House Road and East West Oak Street as well as extending six stormwater culverts in the area,” Dugan said. “Each culvert will be widened to create a safe, sustainable side slope and provide ample space for metal beam guardrail installation. The road will only be closed at the culverts and only two culverts will be installed at a time. That will reduce the duration of the closure as well as limit the impact to the community.”

Two areas that are listed as closed on the county’s website are an area west of Ranch House Road and an area between Torri Court and West Oak Drive. Those two areas are scheduled to reopen on Jan. 16 and additional closures will be in effect in February.

“The original contract was $1,028,888.50 and you’ll see that $25,000 reduction and a reduction of 30 days. So the revised contract total completion will be 188 days, about six months,” Sansone said. “However, where all roads will be open will be 30 days prior to that amount. We’re anticipating the majority of the construction will be completed in five months and there’s a 30-day remainder to do any grass work or anything outside of those lanes.”

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