Parker County Commissioners Friday morning unanimously approved Brandon Ash as IT technician, at a salary of $70,000.

The county is presently without any IT employees on site, and commissioners approved a proposal from ImageNet Consulting to provide additional services until Ash can start.

"I move we approve letting them put part time people on the ground until we are staffed back there, not to exceed two weeks," Dugan said. "That would give us somebody on the ground here."

The two-week window was approved for a total amount of $1,400.

County Attorney John Forrest said the offer could be extended after two weeks if needed.

The move comes following the departure of county network technician Adam Wroblski, whose resignation was approved by commissioners Monday.

However, Wroblski told the Weatherford Democrat that he never submitted a resignation to county officials, and that he had been communicating with a representative of ImageNet Consulting, which the county has contracted with for IT services, through text messages.

According to one message, provided to the Weatherford Democrat, "I see they offered [name deleted] the job. At a higher salary than they pay me. I'm quitting," Wroblski wrote. An hour later, "I haven't quit yet. And I wouldn't do it without giving notice," he wrote.

Wroblski told the Democrat that the text conversation took place March 12, when he was told that his resignation had been accepted and commissioners were going to hold a special meeting Monday.

Commissioners went into executive session for about 45 minutes, then came out to vote. Midway through, however, Wroblski approached the podium and said he had not resigned.

He was cut off, as commissioners voted 5-0 to accept and then adjourn the meeting.

Commissioners terminated former IT Director Tricia Radford during a December meeting following the discovery of a ransomware attack in October on the county's IT systems. During that same meeting, another IT employee, Xantheus Lawrence, announced his resignation.

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