With precautions still in place to protect those most vulnerable to COVID-19, Parker County Judge Pat Deen said there has only been one confirmed case within a nursing home facility in the county.

“We have one patient who was caught quickly and in working with the state, every resident of that nursing home will be tested. I can’t divulge the name for the protection of the people and their families of that nursing home,” Deen said. “It’s an isolated situation and they don’t feel like there was exposure anywhere else, so it was contained and [that patient] was quarantined. It’s being handled in collaboration with the state to make sure no further spread of the virus happens.”

According to The Texas Tribune, as of last week there were over 280 nursing homes and 80-plus assisted living facilities in the state that had one or more positive COVID-19 cases among residents and staff. There were 242 COVID-19 deaths reported in nursing homes and 61 deaths reported in assisted living facilities in the state. That number rose by about 92 deaths this week, according to the Houston Chronicle.

There are a total of 1,200 nursing homes and 2,000 assisted living facilities in Texas.

Deen said Parker County’s lone case has been the only one reported so far, and as for the quarantine process with the individual, said the Texas Department of State Health Services has involvement on how that’s done.

“I don’t have the information specifically to the tracing and how it’s done through DSHS, but it was an isolation of the individual from the rest of the residents to minimize the threat of spreading this to anyone else and we do know that for a fact,” Deen said.

As of Friday, Texas had a total of 36,609 COVID-19 cases and 1,004 fatalities, with a total of about 477,118 people tested in the state. Parker County had a total of 44 reported COVID-19 cases with 30 recoveries and 14 active. There have been no deaths in Parker County as a result of the virus.

“We have a dedicated team in dealing with this and working directly with the state on the handling of nursing homes and monitoring those very closely. One of the focuses of the task force was to look at vulnerabilities where the highest risk in our community was and the spread of the virus. Those most vulnerable that would be more impacted than anyone else would clearly be our assisted living and nursing home facilities. We had a conference call [Friday] that actually went through this, so it’s priority No. 1 because of the vulnerability of those individuals,” Deen said. “With the order that’s in place, obviously it’s a hardship on the families with not being able to visit them — at least for now, until we feel comfortable with where this is through the governor’s office — but it has worked because we’ve contained that and the nursing homes and assisted living facilities themselves have been very diligent with their staff to protect these individuals. Parker County and the task force has really worked well with those facilities.”

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