County officials discuss strategic plan for growth

Marty Wieder addressed the commissioners court this week to discuss Parker County’s strategic planning in preparation for growth.

The Parker County commissioners approved a contract this week to start the strategic planning process in preparation of growth.

“We have a 300 percent growth projection for many parts of the county,” County Judge Pat Deen said. “We’ve got to have a strategic plan.”

Commissioners approved a contract with consultant Marty Wieder, who’s currently the director of economic development for Grand Prairie, for $14,500.

“I’ve known Marty for 10 years and as you go through Hudson Oaks, the success that we had in terms of strategic planning, Marty was the one who did that,” Deen said. “We processed out at $14,500 which would be dramatically more if we had anybody else. Marty is very good to work with and I think he has been instrumental, big time, in Hudson Oaks and has a proven track record.”

In addition to Hudson Oaks, Wieder also worked with the city of Weatherford and has facilitated, managed or taken part in strategic planning for almost 30 years. Wieder also served on the staff of Congressman Tom Vandergriff, worked with the Greater Fort Worth Builder Association and North Central Texas Council of Governments and was the director of economic development for the city of Colleyville from 2009-16. 

“I’m a firm believer in strategic planning and with all the growth you all are realizing throughout the county — not only in your incorporated cities, but in the unincorporated areas. What I would like to be able to do is work with you through the whole process and look at your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, allow you and whichever key staff members you want to help rank that, and then come forward with a plan that you all agree on,” Wieder said. “As a result of that you put in place a vision statement to talk about where you’d like to see Parker County be five years from now and then the mission statement on how you’re going to go about getting there with that strategic plan.”

Deen said the strategic plan will be similar to a city’s comprehensive plan and each commissioner will be filling out a visioning/strategic planning survey.

The survey questions include: The one best thing about living in Parker County, the one best thing about working in the county, the single most important issue facing the county’s cities, the one significant way in which the county needs to change, the most important area of planning focus for the county’s immediate future and several more. 

“I’m very happy that the commissioners court approved this,” Deen said. “It’s a new beginning and I’m very excited about it. We have to be prepared for this and I think it’s going to be really good.”