County officials issue PSA about jury summons

County officials have announced that there will be no jury trials in April, despite residents receiving a jury summons recently. The summons were mailed out prior to jury trial and other court appearance postponements.

Following mail-outs of jury duty summons sent out prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, county officials are letting the public know that there will be no jury trials during the month of April.

“They’re suspending all the jury trials and [the public] will probably get a notice that it’s been suspended. They just had those scheduled because we have to schedule them so far out to have individuals come in,” Parker County Attorney John Forrest said. “If you give somebody two weeks for a jury trial, people can’t get off work and they can’t make arrangements, so they’re scheduled to go out way way in advance. We don’t have anything right now scheduled in April.”

Those that receive jury duty summons in the mail can call the number listed on the document if they have questions about what they need to do.

“There should be directions on their questionnaire with a phone number to call in and once they call that in, they’ll be notified of everything,” County Court at Law 1 Court Coordinator Brandy Ochs said. “We do not have a jury trial coming up. They went out before the jury trials canceled, so that’s why there’s going to be several people getting those.”

Earlier this month, Parker County District Courts announced jury trials and other court appearances would be postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic. Some non-jury dockets are scheduled to continue April 6-13, unless parties feel uncomfortable. Video conferencing was implemented for magistrate duties.

“We’re hoping that we can have some [trials] in May, which means all of this is behind us,” Forrest said.

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