Marriages and Deaths Recorded from March 24 to March 30, 2010


This information is being provided as a courtesy by the Parker County Clerk. Every effort is made to see the information is correct and complete. The Parker County Clerk is not responsible should there be an error within the information provided.



March 3: Charles P. Gallagher/Catherine A. Gorman

March 5: Terry L. Harwell/Jennifer L. Balogh

March 12: Miguel A. Ramirez/Maria D. Perez

March 12: Jason C. Kiser/Katherine g. Boyington

March 13: Stephen P. Hufnagle/Marie E. Cloud

March 16: Charley W. Sawyer/Melinda A. McDonald

March 19: Dennis Girard/Carthina R. Slater

March 24: Jerry C. Payton/Barbara J. Franklin

March 24: Mariano C. Flores/Rosa M. Cuellar

March 26: Daniel A. Raybon/Katie L. Gifford

March 26: Stephen M. Savia/Tiffany M. Jenkins

March 26: James M. Haley/Kimberly D. Cockrum

March 27: Chip B. Davis/Lindsey A. Wells

March 27: Jeremy W. Goodrum/Brandy L. Tims

March 27: Ray D. Thomas/Marisa C. Key

March 28: Micky A. Pratt/Donna M. Wilson

March 30: Jack N. Chrysler/Sharon U. Chrysler



March 5: Michele Hall

March 12: John Franklin Johnson

March 13: Lorri Ann Shell

March 18: Alton Truett Harlow

March 19: Florence Mae Mcclanahan

March 20: Charles Olon Moore

March 20: Barry Bruce Barton

March 20: Franklin Boley Pearson

March 21: Frank Daniel Pritchard

March 21: Marjorie Keis

March 23: John Vernon Isaac Jr.

March 24: Oleta Drake Ward

March 25: Stanley Witold Kowalczyk

March 26: Mildred Louise Woodrum

March 27: Jaunice Ella Ray Jarvis

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