When Weatherford residents spot Kevin Jones riding around town in his Chrysler Sebring convertible, he gets plenty of looks.

His riding partner, Louie, a 9-month-old Bull mastiff, cruises alongside him in the passenger seat.

Jones said he named his buddy after mafia boss Lucky Luciano.

One day, while cruising, he saw Louie squinting from the sun and took his sunglasses off to see if it would protect his pal’s eyes from the glare.

He said Louie never shook them off and will wear them as long as he is in the car.

Jones frequently has people approach him when the pair are out and about.

“We get lots of comments,” Jones said.

Louie is a friendly dog, which only looks mean.

“Twice, he’s ran up to people and they were so scared, he sent them on top of their cars,” Jones said laughing. “He would never bite anyone. He’s the best dog I’ve ever had.”

Louie refuses to wear the shades unless he’s in the car. Jones said as soon as he hops out, they come off until their next outing.

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