Residents shared their thoughts about Libertarian Russell Hess running for Parker County sheriff.

Kyle Cypert I am very happy to hear that Russell is running for Sheriff of Parker County. I believe he will champion Liberty and Freedom for ALL PEOPLE in parker county . As a 33 year resident of parker county I am PROUD to Support Russell Hess for Sheriff of Parker County!

Pattie Mackie He is making a mockery out of the position. He has no respect for law enforcement or the citizens of parker county. Living proof that any dummy can run for office.

Connie McNiel Bunn Choices is a good thing but...I think an office of that magnitude would need someone that was qualified for the position!

Gary Eades Does he have any criminal knowledge or degree in law enforcement at all????

Lindsay Burge “I think I can grow marijuana in Parker County, make sure it’s pure and not laced with anything, and if folks will come up to the jail and take a urine test and as long as they don’t test positive for any hard substance other than marijuana, I will give them a weeks supply of marijuana for free” What the what...? 

Joe Stephenson Man, what happened to that Texan spirit I knew when I was a kid? Yeah, the dude is unconventional; he’s different. It’s a free election, y’all--our democracy at work! I’m all for hearing different points of view, unconventional positions, eclectic voices in local politics. That’s what makes us great! I enjoy seeing all sorts of folks getting involved and passionate about the way thing are going in our area. If you don’t like what he’s got to say, no worries--vote for someone else, or run yourself!

Connie McNiel Bunn This ought to be interesting. As seen on his “infamous video,” he doesn’t even abide by the laws!! What a joke!

Pamela Goffinett Bailey Sheriff Larry has my vote

Ean Bazzell Thank goodness Darrell Hull is running for Parker county Sheriff!

Cheryl Gray Cooper Larry Fowler is one of the finest men I know. I would never entertain the idea of voting for anyone but Sheriff Fowler.

Readers shared reacted to an Azle man being arrested for continuous sexual abuse of a 3-year-old girl.

Candice Todd He should be facing death for this . And by omission.... she was younger then 2 and he has scarred her for life. He should be scarred too!! I pray the family, prosecutors and detectives who work this case get the maximum justice allowed and are able to keep this creep off the streets .. Praying for this little girl and her family!

Linda V Clark Praying for the Victim for healing!! I am trying so hard not say something to the predator! He needs life in prison

Brenda Landry I’m not a violent person but get him on fire. This is evil

Stacy Andersen Prayers for this baby and the people who know and love her. And I can’t believe people commenting where was her “mother”? Not only is that a judgmental comment when you know nothing about the circumstances but sexist against the mother, too.

Derek Scarhead Park No words for this! Most lifers hate child rapists, he’ll get his.

Anne Russell Tolmachoff He is looking at 99 years for this

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