Weatherford Troop 76 boy scout Daniel Yeats, 17, is continuing to work on his Eagle Scout project of rebuilding the Soldier Spring Park playground.

The previous playground has been deconstructed, and the equipment for the new one has been ordered, Yeats said in an interview last week.

In his letter announcing the fundraiser for this project, Yeats wrote that the current playground is “small, in an unappealing location and needs to be replaced.” The new playground is planned to be built with materials that will last a long time and will have more slides, climbers and interactive panels.

Yeats said he worked with Weatherford’s Parks, Recreation and Special Events Department to determine his project. Replacing the Soldier Spring Park playground was on the top of their list, so Yeats decided to tackle that task.

Parks, Recreation and Special Events Department Director Shannon Goodman said the project is a good learning experience for scouts and is beneficial for the community.

“It’s great for the community and the city to receive help in replacing old equipment that is in need of repairs before it becomes a safety hazard,” Goodman said. “This playground is heavily used year-round with the Little League fields and tennis courts located next to it.”

Becoming an Eagle Scout is the highest rank that a boy scout can earn. The project needs to be complete before Yeats’ 18th birthday, which is in October, to earn his Eagle Scout rank.

Goodman said the goal is to complete the playground project by Oct. 19. Yeats is expected to be on-site to oversee installation.

Yeats finished his fundraiser in early August and raised $11,000, which is $1,000 more than what he needed.

“We work with a lot of scouts on Eagle projects and Daniel has been one of the most dedicated we have seen,” Goodman said. “It’s very impressive that he was able to raise $10,000 in just over three months to meet his goal.”

Raising the extra money shows the compassion of the community, Yeats said. The project has taught him about networking and the generosity of donors.

“When I had my fundraiser night at Fuzzy’s Tacos, I definitely had a lot of people show up in the community that were very supportive of what I’ve been doing,” Yeats said.

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