New Parker County Elections Administrator Crickett Miller said she does not believe there’s enough equipment to cater to the Nov. 3 election.

Miller left her role as the elections administrator in Hood County to assume the position in Parker County on Aug. 17. Miller presented information to the commissioners court during a budget workshop Thursday morning.

“I’m excited about getting started. I have assessed what we have as election equipment and I do believe for November we do not have enough, so that is going to be a decision for [the commissioners] to make whether you want some more,” Miller said. “There are going to be long lines period — you’re just going to have excessive lines on election day if we don’t get something to help alleviate some of the problems we’re going to have. We have an option of 10%, which would maybe get us through this election and a 20% increase, which would be very good for us. We’ve also asked for a scanner to produce ballots so the problem y’all had in March, this would maybe alleviate that problem never to happen again. So this would be huge.”

Precinct 4 Commissioner Steve Dugan said he was concerned about putting more equipment in certain polling locations.

“I’m concerned about how much space we have at some of these places,” Dugan said. “We just don’t have room in some of them for more equipment than what we’ve already got.”

There are three specific locations where the elections office is requesting the new equipment go.

“First Baptist Church Willow Park is going to be a new location on election day to replace the Willow Park Municipal Building. They didn’t have the room before with the voters they had, but now that we’ve gotten the new location, the lobby is bigger so they can take on more machines to accommodate the voters that are going to be coming there,” Parker County Elections Chief Deputy Gina Osborn said. “There’s one more that we need to put some more machines at — do what we normally do at the annex during early voting. So we’ll do this at Santa Fe, we’ll do that at Willow Park and then [Silver Creek Methodist Church].”

Miller said she will have price quotes available for the commissioners court before Monday’s regular meeting, where the item will be discussed again.

“I have this on the commissioners court agenda for Monday to discuss and decide what we’re going to do,” Miller said. “Your county’s growing, it’s not going to get smaller, so we need to keep advancing to the future.”

A proclamation issued by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in late July has extended early voting, which will now run from Oct. 13 through Oct. 30.

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