Escaped bull captured on South Main

A bull that escaped the butcher was captured Thursday afternoon by cowboys, animal control officers and police officers on South Main Street after escaping from Hamilton Meats on Clear Lake Drive. 

Old-fashioned cowboys helped save the day Thursday in Weatherford after a Charolais bull escaped the butcher and beat a roughly 2-mile path through busy Weatherford streets late Thursday morning. 

Leading animal control officers and police on a hour-plus-long chase, the animal headed towards Weatherford’s shopping district, battering a police vehicle along the way. 

Cowboys on horseback captured the bull in the middle of South Main Street near Walmart as passersby watched from their vehicles. 

The bull escaped from Hamilton Meats on Clear Lake Drive, according to the Weatherford-Parker County Animal Shelter Manager Ashley Woolnough. 

Weatherford police got a call around 11 a.m. of the animal jaunting past the Compass Bank on Santa Fe Drive, according to spokesman Sgt. Jason Hayes.

The animal caused damage to a police patrol vehicle but nobody was injured, Hayes said. 

Sherri Gray said she saw animal control out with the animal in a field shortly before she saw the capture on South Main Street just north of Walmart around 12:30 p.m.

“I never seen so many animal control vehicles,” Gray said. “But this cowboy was there and he was riding right down the middle of the road there trying to chase and rope that steer and he did.

“I’d just give anything if everybody could have seen it.” 

“I’m just tickled to death that the good Lord spared everybody,” Gray said. “There wasn’t any car wrecks. The horse didn’t get hurt. The guy roping him didn’t get hurt.”

After the bull was contained, it was loaded onto a trailer and taken back to the business. 

“The team of Weatherford Animal Control Officers, Parker County Animal Control Officers, the Weatherford Police Department, and helpful cowboys ensured that there was limited damage to property as well as prevent[ed] any injuries to the team or bystanders,” Woolnough said. “It is great partnerships and teamwork such as this, which make incidents such as these less dangerous for all.”

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