Former Colleyville councilman to challenge Granger

Former businessman and Colleyville City Council member Chris Putnam is running against Congresswoman Kay Granger for her district in the 2020 Republican primary.

Texas’ 12th congressional district includes all of Parker County, eastern Wise County, the western half of Tarrant County and parts of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Granger has represented this district since the 1996 election.

“I have proudly served the 12th Congressional District and have every intention of continuing my work in the U.S. House of Representatives,” Granger said.

Putnam said he believes voters are looking for a change.

“I just really believe that Republicans in Weatherford and Parker County are dying for an unapologetic, fearless, conservative-outsider reformer,” Putnam said.

Putnam said Republicans want more leaders like U.S. President Donald Trump and less “career politicians.”

“I have faith Republican voters value my experience in Congress and understand my that commitment to the success of District 12 runs deep,” Granger said.

Putnam criticized Granger for being inaccessible to her Parker County constituents specifically and accused her of not standing with Trump.

“I’m going to stand shoulder to shoulder with the president, and I’m going to go fight for change,” Putnam said. “She’s done mostly a bunch of compromising and pandering to the left-wing.”

He also said Granger doesn’t represent Parker County residents on certain issues, particularly on abortion and border security.

“My commitment to the Republican Party and conservative values has never wavered and President Trump knows he has my full support as we work together to achieve common goals as they pertain to issues such as border security, protecting the right to life and funding priorities that ensure the long-term success and safety of all Americans,” Granger said.

Putnam outlined several of his initial goals if he is elected.

“If I’m elected, we’re going to make real, legitimate border security, whether that’s a wall, whether that’s technology, we’re going to tighten it down, period, and we’re going to make it a funding priority,” Putnam said. “I won’t negotiate with [U.S. House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi and AOC [Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] and the squad. I won’t compromise with them. We will literally dig in and we will not approve a budget, we will not vote for a budget that doesn’t have legitimate funding for that and also funding for our law enforcement community that is expected to help us enforce these laws.”

Putnam spoke to the Parker County Conservatives group last week where he was well-received, Republican Precinct 420 Chair Mike Olcott said. The group believes that Granger doesn’t represents its values and wants a change, Olcott said.

“I really enjoyed what he had to say and I think he brings a conservative perspective to the fight, but I think he’s also the type of person that is going to excite the Republican base,” Olcott said.

Putnam spent one term on the Colleyville City Council and worked with other members to propose a term-limits proposition to voters, which was approved. He also said congressional term limits are needed.

“I actually didn’t run for a second term, and it was on purpose because I had started this movement in town and this big political change in town, and I wanted the people in our town to know it wasn’t about me, it wasn’t about personalities, it was about what we were trying to do,” Putnam said. “As I mentioned, you’ve got to break glass to do that. I didn’t run again and I haven’t been an elected official for two years now.”

Putnam also retired after working in business development and sales for a global technology company for 15 years. In total, he’s spent 30 years in the private sector. 

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