Brock city commissioner

Four candidates are running for election in the Brock city commissioner race — Ben Davis, Matt Heistermann, Jowell Ranspot and Debbie Scrimshire. Two commissioner spots are available. The Weatherford Democrat reached out to each candidate for a bio and a 350-word answer to why they are running for office.

Early voting starts Monday, and Election Day is Nov. 5.

Matt Heistermann

Age: 56

Occupation: director of purchasing 

Why are you running for office? 

My name is Matt Heistermann and I am running for Brock City Commissioner. My wife Beth and I moved here 16 years ago from Colorado. We have 3 daughters that also live in the area. All together we have 6 grandchildren, with 3 of them who will be attending Brock ISD. We have seen quite a few changes since being here the past 16 years. 

This will be my second time running for commissioner, as I ran and was elected for the city of Brock West. When I ran before it was to help and develop a brand-new town. Which if elected I will do the same.

We have a great community and a great school district here. So good that we are being flooded with a growth that I don’t think was expected or we were prepared for.

We need to get better with our communication. And in turn the people need to do their part and get involved with their town. We need to start addressing ordinances and regulations for our town. This is a sour note for a lot of people, but it is needed In order to protect our property values and our children. Also, we need to address water issues if we keep going at this rate there will be a problem in the future.

I think the commercial growth needs to stay on 1189 corridor. We can preserve the character of our town and attract the type of businesses that complement our community through that corridor.

In conclusion I am not the candidate with a masters or bachelor’s degree. But I do have business sense. I am the candidate with common sense and who will listen. And if something makes sense – great! If it doesn’t make sense, we can discuss it and find common ground.

Ben Davis 

Age: 41

Occupation: engineer 

Why are you running for office? 

I am running for commissioner to try to preserve the way of life we have in Brock for as long as possible. The last 18 months or so I have seen the Brock city government grow and expand in a way that I do not feel was the intent of the people who voted to create Brock. There has been and will continue to be incredible growth in the Brock school District. The city of Brock is largely made up of existing subdivisions and neighborhoods that were successfully created without any local city government. Property values have risen dramatically in recent years and this trend is projected to continue. This has all occurred without and local city government. I feel the residential areas need to mostly be left alone by the city government.

I believe some basic and common sense oversight is needed to help with the orderly growth and development of the commercial space. This should be the focus of the city government not the residential areas.

The City of Brock was created to protect us from becoming the City of Weatherford. I hope to help maintain that intention and protect the citizens of Brock from the encroachment of a large local government.

Debbie Scrimshire

Age: unknown 

Occupation: realtor 

Why are you running for office? 

*Born, raised in the ranching community of Uvalde Tx. Uvalde High School graduate 1969

*Attended Angelo State University

*Married for 50 years

*2 children: Travis Scrimshire (Brock Fire Chief) and Shawna Scrimshire (works for XTO/EXXON)

*1973-1976 Van Horn State Bank employee

*1976-1978 Union Stockyards, El Paso, Tx. crossing Mexican cattle into the US

*1978 –age 26: Went to school and obtained my Tx real estate license and have been a Full Time Realtor since.

*1980 Moved to the DFW area with husband’s job

*1982 Due to the merger of two big ERA offices I was offered a job to manage and train 85 agents in the HEB, Colleyville, Southlake, Grapevine, Keller area. I did that plus my own sales. In 1984 I sold $8 million in the first 3 quarters of the year /average sales price then/ $76,000.

*1984-1986: I was solicited by a prominent builder/broker to join him in opening a commercial real estate company in downtown Fort Worth. Working on those large commercial developments gave me the education one cannot get anywhere except for living it. I loved the challenge and the view from inside.

THEN CAME THE CRASH OF THE OIL BUSINESS AND THE FAILING OF THE SAVINGS AND LOANS. Texas was redlined for most commercial financing so it was time to make a move back to what I knew.

*1986: Sadly for commercial realtors and developers, the buyers did not know what they could not do. I put together and worked $28 million in transactions and due to the failing economy only closed $2 million. That was enough to live on but the unpredictability of commercial real estate wasn’t for me. But the education from the experience of working the deals was priceless. The smart move now was to consider what market was selling and go there. I moved my license to an independent company in Azle where the market was very diversified. That office handled farm and ranch, development, residential, and commercial, homes on acreage and waterfront real estate so it was a good fit for me.

*1999: After many changes in 

Jowell Ranspot 

Age: unknown 

Occupation: tool specialist 

Why are you running for office? Ranspot did not respond to this question by press time. 

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