The Weatherford Democrat lost one of its own at the passing of former Editor in Chief Carolyne Ruth Gould Feb. 15.

Monday morning, friends, co-workers and family members gathered to celebrate Gould’s life and accomplishments.

“She was my best friend and the source of most of my inspiration,” Rev. Michael Rondot, co-officiate and Gould’s husband, said. “Serving here today is one of my final gifts to Carolyne.”

Harris Worcester, a pastor at a church in Wortham and longtime friend of Gould’s, added his sentiments as co-officiate.

“I’m a former reporter, friend and obvious admirer,” Worcester said of Gould.

After reading several passages, including chapters in Ecclesiastes and the book of Psalms, Worcester listed several highlights throughout Gould’s life, including a lengthy list of various occupations.

“She amassed a menagerie of friends, regardless of what occupation she was holding,” he said.

Gould was editor-in-chief of the Democrat from 1995 through 2000 and had previously worked at the Fort Worth Star Telegram as a reporter.

Other jobs included bookkeeper at the Iron Skillet, health information coordinator at Campbell Memorial Hospital and writer for Parker County Today.

“I remember when she got an assignment to interview me,” Worcester said. “She wasn’t the type to ask cold questions; she engaged me in a conversation.

“By the end of it, I was the one that wanted to interview her.”

Worcester praised Gould for her sense of humor, tenacity and thoroughness, all appropriate traits for someone in the journalism business.

In addition, Gould, who was 5/8 Cherokee, was an advocate for Native American Heritage and was a member of the Native American Journalists Association. She also served on various boards in the community, and was named Woman of the Year by the Parker County AARP and the Association of Professional Artists.

She was also a minister.

“Her love was legendary, but she was a very private person,” Rondot said. “She was also a crafter of words. I am not.”

Rondot then read a passage from The Calling, a ministerial guide hanging in their home which paralleled Gould’s role as a minister to all and a child of God.

“I hope we can all agree, such is the woman we all remember and the woman we all honor today,” he said.

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