Grand Adventure moves forward

Grand Adventure theme park, off Tin Top Road in Weatherford, is planned to open in October. The steel structure of the main building is in place, and workers will proceed to masonry, roofing and plumbing next.

Construction for the Grand Adventure theme park in Weatherford is progressing forward and is planned to open in October.

The steel structure of the main building is in place, and workers will proceed to masonry, roofing and plumbing next, General Manager Lonnie Pennington said. More work on the miniature golf course is also expected this month.

Construction on Grand Adventure, which will be located off Tin Top Road near Interstate 20, broke ground last winter. The entertainment center is slated to offer miniature golf, go-karts, an arcade, virtual reality gaming and a restaurant.

Pennington said the miniature golf course may be the best in Texas.

“I think it’ll be the largest 18-hole course, mini-golf in the entire Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex,” Pennington said. “I have some confidence in that statement.”

The go-karts, ones for an average race and faster ones, have been bought, Pennington said.

The value of the land, project and labor is about $2.5 to $3 million, Pennington said. Workers had to construct a new sewer line on the grounds for the city, which was a major unforeseen cost, he said.

“What’s been shocking to me is once we’ve gotten into the actual construction with the contractors and the private end, we’re coming under budget in a few places we did not expect, which is incredibly rare in the construction world,” Pennington said.

The project received the building permit from the city of Weatherford about two months ago, Pennington said. Since then, the project has been moving faster.

“The rain slowed us down an insignificant amount, but now that we’re through with the city and the permitting process, things are going a lot faster than I anticipated,” Pennington said. “We’ve gained a few days.”

The next permits that are required before Grand Adventure opens are the health permit and certificate of occupancy, Pennington said.

Most of the permits that the project needs have been issued, Weatherford Marketing and Communications Director Blake Rexroat said.

“All that needs to be completed is some of the site development work, final platting and to have the required inspections done when they are called in by the applicant during certain phases of construction,” Rexroat said. “A final inspection is needed in order to open. Keep in mind, we do not know nor control the construction of the projects and cannot know what has been completed until we get a call for inspection.”

To get permits, applicants have to submit several documents, such as site plans, building drawings and civil drawings, Rexroat said. City staff take 10 business days to review permit applications, and they may determine that corrections need to be made by the applicant.

“However, if all is good on the first go, the permit can be issued in as little as 2 weeks,” Rexroat said. “Depending on the applicant’s response if there are issues, the time to issue the permit can be longer.”

So far, the total cost of permits for Grand Adventure is about $14,000, Rexroat said. Permit costs vary depending on the project and type of permit.

“Permits are required in construction projects to ensure safety of the work and to make sure the project complies with building, construction and zoning codes,” Rexroat said.

More information about Grand Adventure is available on their website: