Indictments returned by the  Parker County Grand Jury March 25, 2010


Peter Kingsley Beel, criminal mischief

Joel Ross Bennett, burglary of building

Ian Derek Berry, burglary of habitation

Gary Wayne Bradshaw, credit card abuse

Jason Kristopher Brewer, possession of a controlled substance

George Michael Carter, driving while intoxicated, third or more

Nathan James Crawford, bail jumping

Luis Armando Deanda, possession of marijuana

Meredith Paige Delorme, burglary of building

William Howard Duff, theft of property

Jason Robert Enevoldsen, possession of marijuana

James Robert Forsyth, possession of marijuana

Javier Lorenzo Fraire, possession of marijuana

Raymond Henry Gill, possession of marijuana

Scotty Gene Gray, aggravated sexual assault, indecency with child sexual contact

David Allen Kennedy, theft of firearm

Luke Allen Kennemer, possession of marijuana

Stacey Alene King, possession of marijuana

David Gabriel Lehmberg, burglary of habitation

Suzanne Marie Mason, theft of service

Nathan Charles Parker, theft of firearm

Heather Lee Partlow, theft of property

Sarah Kay Reddy, credit card abuse

Brandon Colby Repass, burglary of building

Gilbert Michael Rivera, criminal mischief

Donovan Robles, driving while intoxicated, third or more

Marvin Jasper Sample, driving while intoxicated, third or more

Austin Thomas Schwanz, theft of property

Austin Thomas Schwanz, criminal mischief

Casey Shawn Self, fraudulent use or possession of identifying information

Derryck Skye Shelton, burglary of habitation

William Wright Stanford, burglary of habitation

Joshua Stephen Steakley, unauthorized use of vehicle, evading arrest detention with vehicle

Christopher Cline Strickland, theft of property

Joshua James Swingle, burglary of habitation

Shannon Lenore Taff, burglary of habitation

Jeremy Shawn Tucker, theft of property

Darren Jessup Vick, aggravated assault

Clint Barry Wells, evading arrest detention with vehicle

Frank Williams, aggravated assault

Kevin Michael Williams, burglary of habitation

Tommy Williams, aggravated assault

Kieren Joseph Wilson, forgery

Philip Lee Windle, evading arrest detention with vehicle, assault public servant

Thomas Wayne Womack, burglary of habitation

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