Readers shared their thoughts about former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger being found guilty and sentenced to 10 years in prison for the shooting death of Botham Jean.

Sherrie Stephens Ahern I feel like she got what she deserved.

Vivian Hornor She never had a chance in Dallas.

Dodie Hagadorn I expected a token prosecution since she was law enforcement. For the prosecutor to put on such a strong case the evidence must have been overwhelming for even him as it was for the jury. Her remorse was for herself not the victim as she clearly showed while he lay there dying with no assistance from her. She had a medical kit, never taken out, she is trained in CPR, instead, she was texting her boyfriend. No prosecutor would push as hard as this one on a cop if he didn’t truly believe the evidence showed murder. It was the right verdict. I’m not black btw and all the jurors were not either. Nor the prosecutor. It was a fair trial with the evidence showing murder as defined by law.

Kellie Chewning She testified her intent was to kill him from outside in the hallway. That’s how. Her defense did a poor job coaching their witness. Justice served.

Derek Scarhead Park Yeah, unfortunately I think an underlying misconception of race relations with cops and black people played a part in this verdict. I hope this doesn’t set a precedent for future trials. This most definitely was not murder.

Ann Brown I don’t understand why she would be convicted of 1st Degree Murder. 1st degree means that she pre planned and intentionally killed that man. Defense should ask for reduction of charges....verdict seems so out place.

Tim Beatty She was over charged. It was an accidental shooting. If its over charged she should have been innocent

Jerry Newberry This makes me so depressed. Had it been my son I would of wanted a longer sentence. However long she serves, it ain’t gonna bring Bothum back. The brother said he forgave Amber and that says a lot about him as a person. I do not think I could of, not for a very long time.

Dorlinda Ingersoll Had she rendered aid. She most likely wouldn’t have gotten any time.

Rachel Callahan 10 years!! That’s it!! Absolutely ridiculous!! She should have gotten at least 30! She watched a man die and did not render aide! If it had been a white person she would have helped him!! This is why Kap kneels! There is no justice in the “justice system”! She didn’t even show remorse she only talked about herself!

Dodie Hagadorn This means about 3 or 4 yrs in TX. Not much for a life but it beats nothing. The best thing is with a murder conviction she can never be in Law Enforcement again turned loose legally with a deadly weapon. I believe she was fired not over the murder investigation but the rules she had broken. Not following training resulting in a death and an affair with her married partner. Her and her boyfriend deleting their text messages to one another trying to hide them which were later recovered.

Residents reacted to a Weatherford woman being arrested for abuse and neglect of a 2-year-old gelding paint horse, which had to be humanely euthanized because of his condition.

Katy Jimison I knew i i remembered that name, she’s the one who posted on parker county fb page about wanting to give the animal away because it was left there. Poor horse.

Lindy Dean Heartbreaking and infuriating at the same time. I hope Ms Vega does not have other people or animals to care for because obviously she is too incompetent to care for anything other than herself. Please give her the highest punishment allowable. No excuses for this!!!!!!!!!

Elaina Deva Proffitt Beautiful horse only 2 years Old..did not know why she would not feed him Give him if I had seen this happening would have taken him away..Someone may have stolen him..lots of that happens..she needs to be incarcerated for years.. little food. Put her in general population let the inmates have her... DEAD SOUL EYE S..May you Weep your Karma..Ramona

Jerry Newberry That poor horse.

Joyce Allison Withhold food and water from her, let her see how it feels

Residents shared their thoughts about two former Parker County Precinct 4 employees filing discrimination complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission after they were terminated.

Omarri Richards Surprised there hasn’t been more complaints I’ve had many of friends leave there position do to the good ole boy system in place here

Trisha Stovall-Walker Eeoc doesn’t care when it comes to law enforcement. Eeoc will not benefit them sadly...

Laura Elizabeth Rea I am a little shocked at these comments. We seriously have issues when it comes to politics, this explains so much!! THE GOOD OLE BOY SYSTEM!!! everyone talks about it but nobody does anything about it. First off, Ted Bundy was known to be “an awesome dude” too but look how that turned out. He was so good at manipulation that even his wife had no idea what was going on. We dont really know who these guys are, we see the exterior. So many masks are worn, and never taken off until behind doors. 2nd are we seriously not worried about the issue at hand? From what I understood, they were both violated with the whistleblower law. If these people aka employees cannot even make a stand for what their superiors are doing, then that tells me there are more than likely more people that have these issues but feel like it doesnt matter because nobody cares so they are scared to make a stand because they will be fired due to being an “at will employer” who doesnt need a reason. It also tells me that the people we vote into office can pretty much say and do whatever they feel - I guess they really are untouchable, no wonder Riley lasted so long.

Barry Hurley Steve Dugan is an awesome good man

Pat Rodgers Parker County is a at will employer . They do not have togive you a reason to fire you. ( unless they have changed this) Your told this when hired.

Ben Long Always a few that fail to perform or do as they are told to do

Jackie Goodreau Sounds to me like these Two realized there’s money in ( using the discrimination term ) it seems to go a long way these days and can be very profitable.

David Smedley Steve Dugan is a good man!

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