During these tough times, a person has to get out and try to carry on a normal life. 

The Weatherford Horseshoe Club has league night every Monday night at 6:30 p.m. at Love Street Park’s Noon Lions Ringer Alley, but the idea of hosting a smaller tournament was conceived.

COVID-19 guidelines have a set number of how many people can gather, so that number was allowed to pitch in tournaments the past two weekends; the COVID 19 Tournament and First Trade Days Tournament. Each tournament had a morning and evening session.

Winner of the COVID-19 morning session was Coy Ray, with John Allison finishing second and Tom Pritchitt taking third.

Winner of the COVID-19 evening session was Rick Harman, with Chris Robledo in second place and Nick Harris in third.

In First Trade Days Tournament, the morning session champion was Dale Phelps, following by John Allison in second and Gary Hively in third.

Lowell Thompson won the evening session, and Robledo finished second and Mike Rhoten in third.

Anyone is welcome to come by and play, with extra horseshoes available for those that need any.

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