Horseshoe Bend

After a damaged gate valve and a leak were discovered in the Horseshoe Bend water system over the past two weeks, the water pressure has continued to be erratic for residents.

The damaged gate valve was discovered on June 18, which caused a multi-day water outage for residents while a part was ordered for repairs by the water system owner and operator Texas Rain Holding Company.

“Things are slightly better, but not much. Our pressure is more down than up. We have problems trying to wash clothes and take showers,” HSB resident Linda Preston said. “Of course we are on a boil water notice. Most of the day we have a dribble or little more. The folks with children, ill children, and old folks have it the worst.”

But resident Linda Alg said things have not changed since a second leak was detected on Chavez Trail on June 26.

“The water situation has not changed. We get the most very early in the morning around 4 a.m. to 5 a.m. and by 10 a.m., the water is very, very low to a trickle,” Alg said. “My feelings — starting to get mad, frustrated and very unhappy.”

HSB resident Natasha Speir said they shouldn’t always be worrying about water issues.

“Over the weekend I had low water pressure, but [Sunday] some in HSB had none at all. I heard they were fixing one of the pumps and it would take two weeks for them to get a new pump. What are the residents suppose to do in those two weeks? Residents are just told one thing and then it doesn’t happen,” Speir said. “We never know what is true or not. We understand there has always been water issues, but that’s the problem, we shouldn’t have to always have water problems. Not only is it just a no water issue, the water isn’t safe to drink — not even our animals are safe to drink it. My family does not drink it or cook with it. I have bought five-gallon containers and use that.”

Resident Lisa McCafferty Wenninger also said the water at HSB isn’t safe.

“Our water has been on and off for close to two weeks now. Mostly off or just a trickle that’s not even enough to be able to turn your shower head on. Sometimes we have pressure for up to an hour before it’s gone and sometimes it’s literally only a few minutes that we have pressure,” Wenninger said. “Is anyone ever going to hold this water company liable or do we just have to continue living like this? It’s ridiculous. Plus, even when it is on we’re under a continuous boil notice. The water isn’t even potable and yet anyone with any power to actually do anything…hasn’t.”

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality did not answer questions asked by the Weatherford Democrat related to continued water pressure issues, pump problems or repairs being made in HSB by deadline Monday afternoon.

“We do not have an update at this time,” TCEQ Media Relations Specialist Brian McGovern said.