Hudson Oaks unveils wayfinding project

From left, City of Hudson Oaks employees Maria Skrüt, management analyst, and Brittney Huff, assistant to the city administrator, with one of the new signs for the city’s wayfinding project. 

The city of Hudson Oaks has had four signs installed as part of its wayfinding project, which aims to beautify spaces within the city.

“Over the last few years, our city council has made it a priority to fund projects that beautify our public spaces and let people know that they have entered the city of Hudson Oaks, Texas. No doubt you have seen our stone monument signs, our middle median landscaping project on U.S. 180 and our [Interstate] 20 landscaping project that we completed in cooperation with TxDOT,” Hudson Oaks Mayor Marc Povero said. “In addition to our neighborhood signs, there will be several other wayfinder signs that direct people to our city facilities and parks. These new wayfinder signs are just the latest project in meeting our goal of beautifying the city.”

Wayfinding is an information system that helps guide people through a physical environment and enhance their understanding and experience of the space.

The most recent signs were installed at Hudson Oaks City Hall and the Red Eagle, Diamond Oaks and Parker Oaks neighborhoods.

“The city used Pacheco Koch to design both our entry signage and eventual wayfinding signage,” Hudson Oaks City Administrator Patrick Lawler said. “We will eventually install additional signage at Hidden Oaks, the public safety building and along U.S. 180 for wayfinding.”

Povero said the projects stem from the city’s comprehensive plan, which involved residents and business leaders.

“In 2012, our citizens and business leaders participated in meetings where they gave feedback to our council about what they wanted to see in our comprehensive plan. Overwhelmingly, they wanted to see more green space, landscaping and to make us stand out from other cities in Parker County,” Povero said. “These wayfinder signs are a perfect example of how we are doing that.”

Povero said the city strongly believes in reinvesting its sales tax dollars back into the community.

“Because of the success of our family of businesses who provide the necessary sales tax revenue to operate our city, we have seen a significant increase in sales tax dollars to our general fund,” Povero said. “We, as a city council and staff, strongly believe that after meeting our budgetary responsibilities, we should reinvest those dollars back into our community and these wayfinder signs are a perfect example of how we are doing that.”

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