Mineral Wells annex

The Mineral Wells Annex, which formerly housed Bank of America.

PALO PINTO — An individual has been approved to add finishing touches to the Mineral Wells Annex. However, due to a delay on the electrical, the completion date is unknown at this time.

Palo Pinto County acquired the former Bank of America building in Mineral Wells in early 2020 to remodel into an annex in order to expand county services where more than half of the population resides.

Amy Hopkins of a Mineral Wells interior and architectural design firm will be hired at $75 per hour, with a cap set at $500, to plan for fixtures — furniture, lighting, pictures — for the annex.

“If she were to select a specific type of furniture, we would still have to purchase that,” County Judge Shane Long said. “So that’s not the purchase of it, it’s just the planning of it.”

The locations within the annex would be the main lobby area, county clerk's office waiting area, two common areas on the second floor and potentially two conference rooms.

“Amy brought this to my attention that in the old Brookshire’s, on the wall at the top, they had old black and white [picture] scenes from Mineral Wells and she suggested using those,” Precinct 1 Commissioner Gary Glover said. “They would be free, they would be donated, because they’re just sitting in storage.”

Long said a lot of the design has already been complete, it’s just the finishing touches Hopkins will be charged with.

The commissioners court unanimously approved Hopkins’ services at Monday morning’s regular meeting.

Long said at this time, there is not a completion date set for the Mineral Wells Annex.

“The electrical, they haven’t had a man there in this will be the sixth week, so we’re waiting on electricians,” Precinct 4 Commissioner Jeff Fryer said. “They were supposed to have been there last week.”

Long said if the electricians will get back on the job, they could see the project move pretty quick.

“The short answer to when are we getting moved in there? I don’t know,” he said. 

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