Weatherford resident Catherine Talbot wants to spread happiness across Parker County on Wednesday.

Wednesday is International Day of Happiness, and as a result, Talbot and a few other women are hosting a Happiness Wall at Northside Remedy in Weatherford. The event is from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Wednesday, and people of all ages can come by and post a sticky note on the wall about how they spread happiness. The event is expected to include activities for kids as well, Talbot said.

Talbot has been participating in “Happy Acts,” which are actions to spread kindness and positivity, since 2013. She is participating in this event to bring the happiness movement to the community.

“What I hope they get out of it is just [to] feel good about being a part of something bigger than themselves and intentionally, like they’ll write a note about how they’re going to intentionally share happiness, even if they just do it one time,” Talbot said. “I just want people to intentionally think about how they can pay kindness forward and spread happiness because statistically, people who are happier do better in life in every area, so I thought what if we can start a ripple effect like that through a community like Parker County and Weatherford.”

Talbot wants to plan the event next year as well. She said she hopes happiness walls are created by families, churches, schools and in other parts of the community, too.

“You can do it just with your kids, just with your family,” Talbot said. “You can register your wall even if it’s on your refrigerator at home.”

Wise County resident Dee Gilmore is building the Happiness Wall with her son. Though they haven’t started yet, Gilmore said the plan is to build the wall out of recycled screen doors or plantation shutters, which might be decorated and painted.

“It’s a family thing, and that’s what I like about it,” Gilmore said.

Gilmore would like the Happiness Wall event to spread to Wise County and Weatherford College, where her daughter goes to school.

“It’s about connecting and it’s about relationships,” Gilmore said.