Local duo supports each other through stock show successes

From left, Weatherford’s Macie Smith and Kinley Petzold are best friends who also support each other through their livestock show competitions.

Weatherford girls Macie Smith and Kinley Petzold are best friends who support each other in their successes at state stock show competitions.

Smith, 12, won Reserve Grand Champion with her Angus steer Rocky at the Fort Worth Stock Show.

“It was pretty exciting,” Smith said. “It was a blessing to have that happen.”

Petzold, 11, won Reserve Grand Champion with her Limousine steer Jello, who she raised herself from a baby.

“One of my biggest goals is to have one of my steers eventually win a major show,” Petzold said.

Smith said her favorite part about competing is showmanship and she works hard to ensure her steer is ready for the shows.

“I feel like because they’re not judging your steer, they’re judging you more so it gives you a chance to not just show off your steer, but show off your skills instead. Probably my biggest goal is to have one of my Angus steers to go on and win a major show one day,” Smith said. “There’s a lot of hours at the barn trying to get ready — a lot of washing, blowing and feeding.”

Smith, a Weatherford Christian School student, has three steers right now that she’s getting ready for the next show.

“I have Bear and then my other Angus is Chief and then Shiloh. Shiloh reminded me of the Beagle in one of the books because of his big floppy ears and he’s so sweet and follows you around like a dog,” Smith said. “And then Chief, he likes to take over and do what he wants, so I call him Chief. Then Bear, we had a couple of names for him, but he kind of reminds me of a bear.”

Petzold, who does her schooling through an online program, has two steers that she’s gearing up for the next stock show.

“I have PJ and Beast. I named them from Disney movies, so Beast is from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and then PJ is just PJ,” Petzold said.

The two were supposed to show at the Houston Livestock Show this week, but since it was canceled due to coronavirus, COVID-19, concerns, they’re now looking towards the Parker County Stock Show in June.

“We have county and I think that’s it. We were getting ready for Houston, but that got canceled,” Smith said. “It wasn’t the best feeling when we found out about Houston, but you kind of just have to expect that to happen after what’s all going on right now.”

Being best friends, the girls said it’s nice to have someone by your side when you’re getting ready for shows.

“The work ethic the girls have coming out here and taking care of stuff and seeing them be successful at the end, there are no words for it,” Clint Petzold, Kinley’s father, said. “Their futures are bright, they can do whatever they want, and they’re very talented.”

Even at such a young age, the two have already set sights on where they’d like to attend college — Smith wants to attend Texas Christian University and Petzold wants to attend either Oklahoma State University or the University of California Los Angeles.

“UCLA is one choice because I do gymnastics a lot and they have a really good gymnastics team,” Petzold said.

Smith added, “I wanted to go to TCU at first because of their volleyball program, but now I kind of want to go because of their ranch management program. That’s what I want to major in.”

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