Residents reacted to the news of Michael Anthony Hromek, 69, of Weatherford, being fatally struck by a vehicle on Santa Fe Drive this week.

Cathy Grinstead Henson My daughter walked with him talking and just keeping him company. I am so heartbroken. Something has to be done about so many from the trail and the apts. and the park and amphitheater getting across this awful rd that people speed down. The speed limit is too high and too busy in this area. people don’t even stop for the buses that are stopped

CC Galvan

Heartbreaking!! Every time i saw him my Daughter and i would help him. He would walk across the street everyday to the store. Sometimes I’d walk with him. We’d help him with his trash and he’d just smile at my little girl. 

Jessica Hord Morales Omg I know exactly who he was. I was so worried for him. Almost certain he was either blind or almost blind. I stopped to talk to him and offer help but he firmly told me no

For’kels Crystal I feel terrible for the lady as well. She is probably lost for words rn. It was foggy last night as well. Sad all the way around

Katie Lynne Baxley-Tosch I drive Santa Fe 4 times a week and saw this man multiple times, I myself almost didn’t see him the first time because it was already starting to get dark, I can only imagine with the time change and fog it was that much harder to see him. But this still really breaks my heart to hear

Evelyn Calhoon You will be missed . Prayer’s for his family.

Hayleigh Alexandra I’ve seen him a few times on Santa Fe.. so sad

Kaye Wood Oh my goodness!! That breaks my heart!!

Lindy Dean Prayers for his family and the driver as well.


Residents shared their thoughts about ESD 1 officials discussing the sales tax proposition that was rejected by voters.

Brad Felmey It’s so irritating to see someone attribute a failed tax initiative to a lack of education, like it couldn’t possibly fail otherwise. How about the alternative - the electorate evaluated the cost/benefit and made a decision you just didn’t like? It doesn’t mean they weren’t educated, you snob, it means they just didn’t want it.

Tim Beatty We pay too much tax now

Barbara Royal I hate when officials say it was lack of wasn’t the taxpayers are tired if being fleeced. Try educating yourself. Your ignorance is spostent by your rude and condescending attitude.

Allen Christenson we are plenty educated


Readers shared their thoughts about the movie “12 Mighty Orphans” wrapping up filming at Weatherford’s Pythian Home.

Darren R. Donaldson Love it! When I read the book the year it came out I knew it would make the big screen someday. So good! I pray the movie does this story justice and it’s so fitting that our beloved Pythian children’s home be utilized. So proud of the ones who keep her up and going too. Hope the movie helps build up her support base. 

Elizabeth Carnley Please go see this movie when it’s released. Lots of local kids had parts in it! So exciting!

Leah Robinson Burns Awesome book and our Grandson will be in the movie

Betsy Norton Sharp Read the book years ago, excellent book

Cathe Ashcraft My father could be one of the mighty orphans. He was amazing

Ashley Hanagan Welch Had the pleasure of meeting Martin Sheen at church last Sunday!

Janice Jones Deaton I read the book..wonderful story. Hope to see the movie.

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