Dec. 31 was a beautiful day for flying, and four area Civil Air Patrol Cadets took full advantage of it. The Cadets flew a combined total of five hours in a Civil Air Patrol’s Cessna 182. These flights introduce the Cadets to the science that make flight possible. They learn about navigation, weather, aircraft instruments, flight maneuvers and communication while flying.

The Cadets start with a brief and flight planning, then proceed to the aircraft to observe and assist with the pre-flight inspection. After take off and when the plane is above 1,000 feet, the Cadets handle the controls and perform several basic flight maneuvers. The Cadets helped navigate the plane to the airport in Eastland, where they swapped seats and the second cadet flew the leg back to Mineral Wells Municipal Airport.

CAP Lt. Col. Floyd Whitehouse was the pilot for the days flights. Whitehouse is a retired USAF F-4 pilot. He volunteers his time so he can share his flying experience and passion for aviation. The aircraft is provided by the Civil Air Patrol at no cost to the pilot or Cadets.

Cadets that participated were C/Lt. Col. Derek Petrin, C/A1C Adam Derda, C/Airman Branson Langohr and C/Airman Collin Langohr.

The Civil Air Patrol Program is open to youth aged 12 through 18 and adults wanting to serve their community and support local youth. For more information, contact Captain Becky Kegley 817-304-2254 or visit

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