Bobby Rigues

In January, 15-year Aledo ISD board of trustee Bobby J Rigues announced he would not seek re-election and Tuesday night was celebrated by district officials, the community and his peers as he stepped down from Place 5. 

“In reflection, the one thing I enjoyed most about my 15 years as a trustee was the opportunity the community gave me; holding me ‘in trust’ of the Aledo ISD as a member of the school board,” Rigues said. “For that opportunity, I am truly honored. I did my best.”

Rigues has won many awards, including the 2018 Ambassador of the Year named by the Friends of Texas Public Schools, and is the founder and CEO of the nonprofit Make Education a Priority. 

Rigues said after catching his breath, he will continue to advocate for public education. 

“Public schools are for the public good. The threats of privatizing public education through for-profit charters and/or voucher programs under various names are real. The system of funding is still broken, and we hold our breath as current legislation looks favorable to improving it,” Rigues said. “Truthfully, I will catch my breath and then join the frontline once again from a different capacity. Public education is a partnership and a responsibility we all share.”

AlSD Superintendent Susan K. Bohn said when she looked into applying for the position at the district a little more than one year ago, she already knew who Rigues was.

“I knew what Make Education a Priority was, I knew who Mr. Rigues was — he didn’t know me, but I knew of him and his work — and it was very comforting to me that I was going to a place where there was an advocate like Mr. Rigues,” Bohn said. “He’s a model for all of us and our children, a model of what one person can do by using his gifts to engage a small community, a bigger community, the state of Texas and beyond to make connections and influence other to support a cause. Some people in leadership positions see advocacy as something they may get to on the side, if they have time, but Mr. Rigues made it a part of his work as a trustee and has spread around the state of Texas the expectation that trustees advocate for children. He has made it a part of who he is.”

Jennifer Taylor was officially sworn into Place 5 at Tuesday’s board of trustees meeting. Taylor was unopposed in the election for the position. 

“I am very excited to join the board of trustees for Aledo ISD and be a part of a wonderful team,” Taylor said. “Bobby J Rigues has paved the way for us all to work together for our great district.”

Rigues said Taylor will be an excellent trustee. 

“She shares many of the important attributes found among the other six trustees — among those, providing the best possible education experience for all children in our schools,” Rigues said. “In the past few months, Jennifer has proactively educated herself on the role and responsibilities of a school board. Her resume of volunteerism with the Aledo school district gives her the property perspective to build upon.”

Rigues said Aledo ISD has a bright future.

“Our superintendent, Dr. Bohn and the board of trustees strongly believe in the importance of academics surrounded with a strong supporting cast of extracurricular programs. ‘Growing Greatness’ is a true motto,” Rigues said. “Making all this possible is the Aledo ISD community — their engagement of the past and present provides the foundation for a bright future for all students.”