A Fort Worth man that reported a razor head was found in his niece’s Sonic burrito said he is frustrated about Sonic’s insinuations, and Sonic’s Director of Communications provided a statement saying security footage will be taken to the Willow Park Police Department.

Garret Brittingham, of Fort Worth, said his 13-year-old niece found the razor head in her breakfast burrito after they stopped on their way to Possum Kingdom Lake the morning of June 29.

“Saturday morning my girlfriend and I, and my two nieces, were driving to Possum Kingdom Lake and we stopped at the Willow Park Sonic. My niece was trying to pull some egg out of her breakfast burrito and she found a woman’s shaver head with hair in it in the breakfast burrito,” Brittingham said. “The lady at the drive-thru was horrendously rude to us — we waited about 20 minutes for our food. The manager said they were going to review the camera footage, but hasn’t reached out to me since.”

Sonic’s Director of Communications Kristin Davis provided the Weatherford Democrat with a statement Friday afternoon.

“On June 29, a guest at this drive-in reported finding a razor blade in his burrito. The local police are presently conducting an investigation, and the franchisee who owns the drive-in is working with the authorities to provide any needed information including security footage from inside the drive-in,” according to the statement. “Food safety is of paramount importance to Sonic and its franchisees. We and they are dedicated to upholding safety and cleanliness standards to provide a safe environment for our guests and crew members.”

Willow Park Police Chief Carrie West confirmed that they are investigating the incident, but could not provide additional information about the case as of Friday.

“The case is still under investigation and we have nothing further at this time,” West said.

On Wednesday, WP Sonic Assistant Manager Felecia Schaefer confirmed that Brittingham did have to wait for his food, but denied the razor incident.

“We have video footage showing that nothing was put in his burrito,” she said. “He did wait, since the time he got there, around 13, 15 minutes for his food, so I’m sure he was angry.”

Brittingham said everyone in the vehicle that day is willing to give a DNA sample to the police department.

“There’s nothing dishonest coming out of my mouth. This is something that disgusts me that someone would do that. I know had she bit down on it, this would have been handled a completely different way,” Brittingham said. “Me, my girlfriend and my two 13-year-old nieces are willing to have a needle stuck in our arms to provide DNA if Willow Park Police Department chooses to have the burrito tested for DNA. That will prove it didn’t come from us. The police officer that responded took down the name of everybody that was working that shift and I wonder if they’re willing to have a needle stuck in their arm to prove that they’re innocent as well. The 13 to 15 minutes at a not very busy, not crowded drive-thru waiting for our food? Somebody had time to tamper with it.”

Brittingham said Friday that he will be going to the WP Police Department to give a written statement.

“I’m not out for money, I am really frustrated that they’re insinuating that I’m crazy and doing this for attention or money over a 13 to 15 minute wait time. My life is not that miserable,” Brittingham said. “I know to the core of me that my niece did not do that and I also know that my girlfriend and I did not do that. Why would I drive almost to Ric Williamson [Memorial] Highway before turning around and calling the police? I could have gone to the gas station across the street if I needed to tamper with some food, and then wait a few minutes before causing a scene there.”