Man robs bank, then changes mind

Rajesh Patel

Police say a man who robbed a Weatherford bank late Wednesday morning apparently changed his mind and left the money behind. 

Rajesh Kumar Patel, 53, of Weatherford, was arrested in the vicinity shortly after the incident on a charge of aggravated robbery. 

Weatherford police were called to the Fort Worth Community Credit Union on South Main Street shortly after 11 a.m. in response to a teller hold-up alarm. 

A teller told police that a man had been in the bank and provided a note demanding money and claiming to have a weapon, Sgt. Jason Hayes said. 

“He had a red money bag with what looked like a gun inside of it,” Hayes said. “And it ended up being a gun but it was actually a BB gun. It wasn’t a real gun.”

“And she puts the money on the counter and the guy, I guess for whatever reason, he decides he doesn’t want to rob the bank now, he doesn’t want to take the money,” Hayes said. 

The man closed the bag and left the bank without taking the money, according to Hayes. 

The bank was able to obtain the license plate number from the vehicle that the man got into, Hayes said. 

“A short time later, probably about 15 minutes or so later, that vehicle was actually seen pulling into a bank that’s behind the Fort Worth (Community) Credit Union,” Hayes said. 

The police officers stopped the vehicle and identified Patel, Hayes said. “In the vehicle they recovered the bank bag and the BB gun.”

“I think the biggest deal is that he’s fallen on some financially hard times and thought that would be the way to recover some of the money he’s lost,” Hayes said. 

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