Man who abused 9-year-old sentenced to 40 years

Aaron Kelly

A Weatherford man who walked up to the Parker County jail to turn himself in for pedophilia pled guilty to repeatedly molesting a 9-year-old girl in court Thursday and was sentenced to 40 years in prison without the possibility of parole.

Aaron Clay Kelly, 33, pled guilty to continuous sexual abuse of a young child before District Judge Craig Towson.

When Kelly went to the jail and spoke with deputies, he told them that he had taken a video of himself molesting the girl while she slept and that his girlfriend had found it on his cell phone earlier that day and kicked him out of the house. He said that he threw the phone in the river and was contemplating suicide but decided to turn himself in to law enforcement instead.

"Investigators with the Parker County Sheriff's Office did an excellent job following up on Mr. Kelly's initial statement to get us a case we could effectively prosecute," Assistant District Attorney Jeff Swain said. "Since he destroyed his phone, they got a search warrant and got a copy of the video from a cloud backup service, which was crucial to our case. They also referred the victim to the Children's Advocacy Center of Parker County, where she bravely told a forensic interviewer that Mr. Kelly had repeatedly molested her over the course of about a year."

"We were glad that we were able to obtain a very long prison sentence that the victim and her family were happy with," said Assistant District Attorney Susan Pruett. "To be able to accomplish that without the necessity of making a young girl relive some really awful abuse was about as good a result as we could hope for."

After Kelly was sentenced, the victim's mother gave a victim impact statement in which she told him that the victim was, "the strongest, smartest, and most loving little girl I know," and that he had "hurt her in a way no one should ever be hurt." She said that the victim told her sister but that they kept it a secret because of "fear of losing each other and being separated from each other and their siblings … I hope this haunts him for the rest of his life."

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