Marriages and deaths recorded from April 29, 2020 to May 6, 2020. This information is being provided as a courtesy by the Office of Lila Deakle, Parker County Clerk. Every effort is made to see that the information is correct and complete. The Parker County Clerk is not responsible should there be an error within the information provided.



07-26-2019 Steven L. Pennington / Mary S. Neill

04-04-2020 Kalan Z. Johnson / Devin R. McHenry

04-24-2020 Rocky D. Quintero / Jasmine M. Ricks

04-25-2020 Jason R. Davis / Michelle A. Moore

04-28-2020 Dustin A. Traffansted / Anne F. Welch

04-30-2020 Eric M. Perez / Melissa J. Glover

05-01-2020 Carl J. Roach, Jr. / Traci J. Carpenter

05-02-2020 Isaiah. Simmons-Seybert / Haley D. Kotter

05-05-2020 Anthony B. Reese / Amaris L. Trevizo



04-11-2020 Olen Howard Petty

04-15-2020 Mary Margaret Bentley

04-17-2020 Mayola Elizabeth Lasater

04-18-2020 Lee Golden

04-22-2020 Florence Inez Lockhart

04-24-2020 Dennis Kirk Littlefield

04-24-2020 John Randolph Danford

04-24-2020 Tommy Scott Talley

04-25-2020 Taunya Cheri Anderson

04-26-2020 Anthony James Peters

04-27-2020 Michael Fosburgh, Jr.

04-28-2020 Catherine Augusta Teague

05-01-2020 Margaret Gwilliam Scoville

05-02-2020 Norene Barnett

05-02-2020 Wanda Joan Torbett

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