Marriages and deaths recorded from Dec. 25, 2019 to Dec. 31, 2019. This information is being provided as a courtesy by the Parker County Clerk. Every effort is made to see that the information is correct and complete. The Parker County Clerk is not responsible should there be an error within the information provided.


09-21-2019 Mark A. Gloria / Olivia B. Palacios

12-14-2019 Jacob M. Davis / Courtney L. Cleveland

12-21-2019 Kurtis R. Howard / Shona N. Morris

12-25-2019 Xavier A. Rudolph / Lisha C. Coleman

12-26-2019 Gary L. Williams / Joanna L. Horton

12-26-2019 Tommie F. McReynolds / Monica L. MacConnell

12-26-2019 Joseph W. Gray / Jean P. Hague

12-27-2019 Noah A. Dowdy / Dylan K. Sosebee

12-28-2019 Joe R. Brown, Jr / Bobbi J. Scott

12-28-2019 Russell S. Finch / Devin K. Hanrahan

12-29-2019 Daniel A. Bracamontes / Michael A. Page

12-30-2019 William C. Fields / Sarah E. Owen


Informal Marriages

12-27-2019 Bobby S. Blair / Haley Wilkerson



11-22-2019 John Colville Gouyton

12-16-2019 Annie Jean Shearman

12-17-2019 Glenda Louise Walker

12-20-2019 Clifford Michael Coe

12-21-2019 Nanette Louise Wippert

12-21-2019 Michael Reagan Adams

12-23-2019 Garnett Naomi Scott

12-23-2019 Billie Herschel Hicks

12-23-2019 Gloria D. Augter

12-24-2019 Emilia H. Kurty

12-24-2019 Almeda Jane Tankersley

12-24-2019 Pete Deanda Diaz

12-26-2019 William F. Sanderman

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