Marriages and deaths recorded from Jan. 29, 2020 to Feb. 4, 2020. This information is being provided as a courtesy by the Parker County Clerk. Every effort is made to see that the information is correct and complete. The Parker County Clerk is not responsible should there be an error within the information provided.



09-13-2019 Thomas S. Meharey / Cory A. McBride

01-04-2020 John P. Collins / Andrea M. Ramos

01-25-2020 Walker T. Cutler / Jacquelyn M. Jaquez

01-31-2020 William C. Camp / Dana L. Philley

02-01-2020 William R. Short / Kay S. Grubbs

02-02-2020 Joshua R. Harle / Victoria A. Guilbeau

02-02-2020 Anthony R. Chavez / Robin N. Wollert

02-02-2020 Ted O. Walker / Rita K. Pritchard

02-02-2020 Derrik R. Fox / Donna J. Dunaway



01-20-2020 Ronald L. Beckner, Sr.    

01-21-2020 Virginia Faye Wallace

01-21-2020 Helen O. Williams

01-22-2020 Natividad Zapata Rios

01-22-2020 Nancy Lynn Davis

01-24-2020 Paul Woodson Searcy

01-25-2020 Concha Luz Gurule

01-25-2020 John Hampton Lanham

01-25-2020 Mattie Lou Potter

01-27-2020 Lura Jean Jones

01-27-2020 Emma Lou Jinks

01-27-2020 John Elvin Tilton

01-27-2020 Etta Fay Caylor

01-29-2020 Deborah Kay Schoebel

01-29-2020 Cleburn Ray Davidson

01-29-2020 Reba Sue Williams

01-30-2020 Flora Elizabeth Sanders

02-02-2020 William Joe Hudson

02-02-2020 Irene May Frakes

02-03-2020 Ira Marshall Gustafson

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