Millsap ISD board of trustees approved the purchase of new buses during their meeting on Monday evening.

Trustees approved purchasing two buses for $139,000 or three buses not to exceed $195,000. The 2017 buses have about 1,500 miles on them and would need to have air conditioning installed on them at an additional cost of about $10,000 per bus.

MISD Superintendent Deann Lee proposed that the board purchase two buses, but the board decided to purchase all three buses in stock if they are able to get a discount.

“We want the best for our district, not costing our district because we’re really close to being out of debt on some of our debt,” Board President Dr. Dene Herbel said.

Also during the meeting, trustees approved an energy conservation/management contract with Ideal Impact.

“Basically there is no cost to the district, no upfront cost to district,” Lee said during the meeting. “The fees would be paid for from the savings incurred.”

Ideal Impact CEO Wes McDaniel presented to the board about how the company has been able to save money for churches and school districts through tactics like lowering humidity. The work would be mainly complete in 90 days but would take nine months to fine tune the system through all weather patterns, McDaniel said.

Ideal Impact’s cost is $114,000, which is recouped in about two years, McDaniel said.

The project excludes Millsap Middle School, the 1983 building and the middle school gym, McDaniel said.

Trustees discussed a change to local policy that requires random drug and alcohol tests of personnel who transport students. The current policy subjects staff to random drug and alcohol testing if they are transporting many students on a commercial vehicle, and the change would extend the random tests to all employees who are driving with students. 

“Our idea and obviously the feeling of the board is that every single student even if there’s just two students being transported in a vehicle deserve the same protection as students on a 77-passenger bus, and that is a driver is subject to random drug and alcohol testing,” Lee said. 

The board is expected to decide on this change before school starts in the fall, Lee said.  

Trustees also approved a District of Innovation Plan update to make some language more general to account for small year-to-year changes.

Trustees approved an innovative course, called emergency medical technician basic, to be offered next school year in partnership with Weatherford High School.

Board Secretary Jerry Walker and board member Brady Burchette were sworn in during the meeting. Both board members ran unopposed for their positions. The board reorganized with the same officer line-up as before, with Herbel as president, Mike Burton as vice president and Walker as secretary.

The next meeting is scheduled for June 24. 

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