Tammy Addison

The International Student Exchange recently recognized Tammy Addison, principal at Millsap High School, as the Educator of the Year. The honor took place on Nov. 19, 2014, in a ceremony at the Marble Arch Thistle Hotel in London, England. Those attending represented many foreign countries and ISE regional advisors from all sections of the United States.

Kala King, ISE Regional Advisor, nominated Addison for the honor. Regional Advisors sent nominations from all over the United States to the International Student Office in New York. The New York office selects only one administrator for this honor. 

In addition, ISE provided Addison with an all-expenses-paid trip to London to obtain the award.

King cited Addison’s willingness to help foreign exchange students and noted Addison’s bubbly, enthusiastic and outgoing personality, as well as her objective to do “everything possible to ensure that every foreign exchange student has all the experiences desired at Millsap High School” as reasons for Addison’s nomination.

Addison demonstrated her love of the program by looking “above and beyond” typical protocol concerning a deadline and looked at the “need” for accepting a student that needed a school to call “home” even late in the school year, King said.

“I can confidently say that I do not think I could have found another school within my area that would have accepted this student at this time of the year,” King said of a situation where Addison took in a troubled student after problems at another school. “Addison’s actions changed a negative experience into a loving and great experience. She is extremely supportive of the exchange students participating in sports. Two of the exchange students, one from Brazil and the other from Spain, had the dream of playing basketball in America, but neither had any experience with the sport. 

“Both boys enjoyed the opportunity to be on the varsity team. These young men had an experience they will never forget, thanks to Addison.” 

King added that Addison greatly deserved the award of ISE Educator of the Year as she has proved to be a “valuable team member and support to all our exchange students.”

Addison has been the Millsap High School principal since August 2013.

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