Millsap student wins $500 in Peach Week scavenger hunt

From left, Katia Ebey and her parents Wayne and Tricia, and Weatherford Chamber of Commerce President Tammy Gazzola. Ebey won the first ever Peach Week Scavenger Hunt and received a $500 gift card and a basket of goodies from H-E-B. 

Since COVID-19 made hosting the Parker County Peach Festival impossible this year, the Weatherford Chamber had to think outside the box to continue the Peach Festival tradition.  

Peach Week was born through this process and a new Scavenger Hunt was discovered.

Katia Ebey, 12, a Millsap student, was the winner of the scavenger hunt and received a $500 gift card and gift basket from H-E-B. She was presented the $500 gift card by Tony Johnston, financial officer for Fort Worth Community Credit Union.

“When we went to the chamber of commerce website to see what was going on with the Peach Festival this year, she was really disappointed COVID-19 had forced the event to be canceled," Katia's mother, Tricia Ebey said. "But when she saw they were having a Goosechase all week she was super excited. She said, 'A peach week? A whole week of peach stuff? Awesome.'"

The contest ran from July 11–18, which started on the day the Peach Festival would have taken place. The goal of this scavenger hunt was to keep the Peach Festival spirit alive and to introduce participants to all “peachy” items and get businesses involved, according to the chamber. 

“We did not want to think of Peach Festival as canceled, so we thought putting together a scavenger hunt using Goosechase, an online app, would be something different. It was so much fun putting together the missions and working with the businesses and seeing how creative businesses could get,” Gloria Martinez, director of community relations at the Weatherford Chamber of Commerce, said. “The chamber was very pleased with the response and the sponsorship from Fort Worth Community Credit Union allowed us to add this new component for Peach Week. We believe this will be a component that we will be able to continue for next year."

Ebey had the help of her mother, who drove her around town to complete 31 of the 33 missions with some of those giving her extra points. 

“We had so much fun. This event has proven Weatherford Chamber of Commerce really stands behind their businesses. So many businesses really depend on the Peach Festival and the experience economy it brings," Tricia said. "They could have easily said, 'Sorry folks, maybe next year,' but they really pressed in and put on their thinking caps. This was such a fun and creative way to bring people out to businesses that they may not have visited otherwise. I know we did. We are really looking forward to doing it again next year."

Chamber representatives expressed their thanks to Fort Worth Community Credit Union for its sponsorship, as well as all the businesses that participated in the week-long event.

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