Since buying their small shop on South Main Street more than five years ago, owners David and Linda Smith have been serving up cellular service and a hearty helping of down-home hospitality to local residents.

Originally, the shop only offered a single cellular provider and some accessories. Today, the business has grown to offer much more.

Although small, the cozy shop has a homey feel and is full of cell phones, accessories, video and sound surveillance equipment, and a wealth of knowledge and customer service.

David said they purchased the store because they felt the area needed more service providers and options, which at the time it didn’t have.

Today, they have branched out to provide cellular service from many top companies including Cingular, Verizon, Nextel, Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile.

The walls of the shop are stocked full of phones and accessories, and David said most of the time it’s a one-stop-shop. If they don’t have what someone needs, they can get it.

“We try to do everything we can for people around here,” he said. “If we don’t have what you need we will find it and usually have it here the next day.”

They also have prepaid home telephone services, which, according to David, is among one of the few phone companies to offer Life Line, a service for the disabled.

Surveillance equipment is a big seller for the duo, and they are stocked with a variety of equipment suited to fit many different needs.

Nanny cams, infrared cameras, phone recorders and big ear listening devices are few of the 007-style products customers can pick up while visiting the shop.

David said the nanny cams are popular during the summers, and infrared camera sales rise during breeding season due to local horse enthusiasts.

“A lot of the big horse ranches will use the infrared cameras during foaling season,” he said. “They can keep an eye on the barn while they are in their house.”

The Smiths aren’t done yet. The shop also serves as a Dish Network provider and a complete bill pay station.

Even though they offer a vast number of services, David said what separates Mobile Communications from the rest of the pack is the desire to provide excellent customer service.

“What we have always thrived on is good service,” David said. “As soon as you walk in you’ll get a ‘Hi’ within seconds.”

Customers may even get a greeting by Angel, the Smith’s dog who accompanies them to work everyday.

Linda agreed that service was the key to their success and said she enjoys the familiarity of having repeat customers. She said at times the shop will be full of people who just come by to chat.

Both David and Linda said even though their business is with dealing new technology, they desire to keep their shop homegrown, a place where people feel welcome and want to come back.

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