Mineral Wells Regional Airport

An aerial view of Mineral Wells Regional Airport.

With 15 years of experience with DFW International, a professional management rep presented information to the city council this week on the development of Mineral Wells Regional Airport.

John Terrell of Paslay Management Group spent 15 years leading all the planning, the land use, the marketing program and the development of more than 17,000 acres at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Terrell also has a background in city government as a former mayor, councilmember and planning and zoning member.

“We took the revenue from DFW when I started in 2005 from $12 million a year to when I left, it was $140 million a year,” Terrell said at Tuesday’s meeting. “So we do not expect to receive $140 million here, but we can do some amazing things at the airport with that kind of vision.”

Mineral Wells has been working on an agreement with PMG to provide planning and development services for the Mineral Wells Regional Airport, which is currently in draft form.

“I think we all recognize the unrealized potential of our airport and the limitations of our own resources, which confirm the need for a partnership of some kind to take us into the future and to open up doors of opportunity not just for the airport, but for the city and counties as well,” MW City Manager Randy Criswell wrote in the agenda item’s commentary.

The components of the agreement are that PMG will assist the city of Mineral Wells with the development of a vision for the airport, followed by a land-use planning component. After that portion is complete, PMG would have a 10-year exclusive right to develop the airport.

“The only expense to the city right now is going to be the $70,000 to PMG and the engineering fee,” Criswell said. “At that point, we have made a commitment to PMG that we are going to trust them and we are basically going to hand over the reins for a fee to do the improvement and the development, and make it happen.”

Terrell said PMG has every intention of trying to get as much federal aid as possible for the airport by way of grants.

“We would take the extra efforts to try to get federal agency grants or state grants on these airport improvements that aren’t necessarily the commercial development side but are really more about the operating infrastructure necessary to support the commercial development opportunities,” he said.

Terrell said during his time at DFW Airport, they developed every product type from retail to hospitality, two hotels and 46 million square feet of industrial product.

“We were not owned by a city but we did have a board that was appointed by the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth. So if you consider the airport like a city, the airport board was our city council and the chairman of the board acted like the mayor,” he said. “Both mayors of Dallas and Fort Worth sat on that and for every single project that occurred, I had to make presentations to the board and get them approved.”

City officials said they’re excited to move forward on the item.

“I know there’s been a lot going on — none of us have really lost a year, we just haven’t got done what we thought we would accomplish in a year,” Ward 4 Councilmember Doyle Light said. “I am really excited and I know there’s some blanks still to fill in and [PMG] is working on it.”

No action was taken on the item at the city council meeting. 

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