Readers shared their thoughts about a woman stealing a baby Jesus figurine and manger from a yard nativity scene decoration.

Clarinda Beckham She needed Jesus

Caleigh Scozzari From the looks of it she was recording it so I’m sure she posted it on snap chat and all her followers know it was her that did it. One of them are bound to snitch.

Brad Felmey And the award for missing the point of the season goes to...

Raine Locke Dang, were you able to get her social security number too... sorry “tongue in cheek”! Hopefully she is caught and pays for her thievery. No one likes a thief.


Readers shared their thoughts about Manna Storehouse providing Thanksgiving meals for families in need.

Medical City Weatherford Thank you for all that you do in our community, Manna Storehouse Weatherford! We appreciate you.

For’kels Crystal Thx 2 manna alot of families will be able 2 eat this holiday....yes the community thanks you....


Residents reacted to the city of Aledo finding out it owes $173,000 to TxDOT for a project that went over the grant funding amount.

Wendy Walker Roden So basically the city government agreed to pay any amount asked with money that wasn’t theirs and the low bid that was five times higher than every other low bid was basically just a lowball lie that was accepted. Do they not check these bids to see The legitimacy of the charges estimated?? Really people?? Guess what I know how to do that. So should you.

Allen Christenson sorry high school, no gold plated indoor swimming pool this year

Jamison Hellums Oh no, poor Aledo! C’mon TXDOT, let them have their cake and eat it.

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