As of Tuesday afternoon, one Horseshoe Bend resident said she had no water at all after experiencing low pressure for several days and there is still no update on what repairs need to be made in order to fix the issues.

Multiple residents posted in the Horseshoe Bend Residents Facebook group saying they received automated calls from the system owner and operator Texas Rain Holding Company that well production was lost and a well production company would be on scene Tuesday to check the issue.

“[It] said the pump had failed and they were calling a well company to come check it [Tuesday],” HSB resident Linda Alg said. “We had even less water last night, around shower time. [Tuesday] morning, it is so low. Wish there was better news.”

But at 1:15 p.m. Tuesday, Alg said she had no water at all.

On Monday, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality could not provide the Weatherford Democrat an update.

“We do not have an update at this time,” TCEQ Media Relations Specialist Brian McGovern said.

The last official update received was on June 26-27 about a second leak that was detected on Chavez Trail as well as options for residents who live in the area.

“A TCEQ investigator went to the Texas Rain offices in regards to low pressure/water outage complaints that the region has been receiving from Horseshoe Bend citizens [June 25] and [June 26],” McGovern said. “Texas Rain personnel stated that they received complaints regarding low pressure/no water [June 26] and that a crew was on-site to investigate. They also stated that they are not sure what the cause is but identified that they found a leak on Chavez Trail.

“An estimated timeframe was not provided on when the repair would be completed. TCEQ will continue to follow-up with Texas Rain on this issue.”

Residents have continued to struggle with low pressure hindering basic needs like showering and experienced a multi-day water outage the week of June 18.

The Weatherford Democrat requested an update from TCEQ and Texas Rain Holding Company owner Butch Hardie about the issues Tuesday morning and afternoon, but did not receive information by deadline.