Palo Pinto County commissioners

The Palo Pinto County commissioners are planning to bring in some experts before going out for bid on the courthouse roof project following discussion at Tuesday morning’s meeting.

Precinct 4 Commissioner Jeff Fryer received a recommendation and lead the discussion on the next moves with the project.

“I would recommend that we go out for bids to repair or replace this roof because right now you can see where the seams are coming up, which is considered wear and tear, and then there’s also hail damage on there, which is considered insurance, so it’s both,” Fryer said. “This was a 30-year roof put on and it’s been 16 years up there. So my recommendation would be, let’s go for replace or repair for the roof and get some people in here and see if it’s going to be over $50,000, and then we can go out for bid.”

Fryer said after additional discussion, the item will be put back on a future commissioners court agenda.

With the holidays quickly approaching, the county was set to purchase Christmas lights to be installed on and around the new city annex building.

“I got this bid from NonTypical Lawn Care, they’re the ones that do the courthouse — the trees and around the courthouse. This bid is for $5,500 and this would be a one-time cost to purchase the lights and install them," Precinct 1 Commissioner Gary Glover said. "Once they purchase the lights it won’t be as much next year — this is a lot because they buy the lights and install the lights.

“This is for all the trees on the property or the parking lot, around the building and then up on the building as well. That includes extension cords needed.”

Palo Pinto County Judge Shane Long was concerned about the completion of the electrical.

“I am not opposed to the project. My question is are we going to be in a position where the electrical is going to be sufficiently completed for all of this to work? That’s my only concern," he said. "I’m just concerned because we’ve got a pretty major electrical overhaul going on in there and so I just didn’t know where that was going to put us if it ended up in a situation where we got the lights and we got them up, but we can’t power them. 

"At this point, I don’t see that we’re going to make it by Christmas. Not that it’s a major problem because this is a purchase of lighting that we’re going to have for years to come.”

The commissioners court decided to table the item until further information about the electrical work could be obtained.

Other items from Tuesday’s Palo Pinto County commissioners court meeting included the approval of Gary Word to the Emergency Services District 1 board; a presentation of checks, in the amount of $13,797.59 each, to CASA Hope for Children, the Children’s Alliance Center and Palo Pinto County Child Welfare Board; and an announcement from ESD 1 and 2 board member Ken Backes that the Palo Pinto County First Responders organization will begin operating Thursday.

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