Parker County political conventions will look a lot different this year because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The Parker County Republican Party County Convention will be rescheduled, likely after May 15 to be in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s eight-week suspension on large meetings, according to a letter from Parker County Republican Chairperson J Scott Utley.

“Once a new date, time and location has been set, the Parker County Republican Party will follow traditional posting requirements as well as continue to utilize social media and local publication to ensure Republicans remain up to date on this important part of our political process,” Utley said in the letter.

Also, the Republican Party of Texas’ State Convention is planned to be moved from May to July, according to Utley’s letter.

The Parker County Democratic Party will be hosting a “pro-forma,” or as a formality, convention on Saturday as required by state law, Parker County Democratic Party Chairperson Kay Parr said. The convention was originally scheduled at Curtis Elementary School, but that space can no longer be used because of Weatherford ISD’s school closures.

“What this means is that the Parker County Democratic Convention will convene to perform the minimally required business to satisfy the legal requirement and immediately adjourn,” Parr said. “There will be no speeches or presentations. We will accept delegate registrations from 9 to 9:30 [a.m.] in the parking lot [at Curtis Elementary]. At 9:30, the convention will be opened and adjourned.”

Political conventions are to elect delegates that represent the party. Delegates must have voted in their party’s primary, and they shape the party’s platforms, elect leaders and update rules.

Republicans in Parker County can sign up to be delegates or alternate delegates at the state convention by filling out a form, which can be obtained by contacting Utley at

Likewise, Democrats can sign up as delegates here:

Democrats can also submit resolutions through the state party’s online system at submitting resolutions through the State Party’s online system at

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