PCLIA Livestock Show begins

Stone Stegall, 18, won in the senior showmanship competition for dairy heifers Monday.

Parker County Livestock Improvement Association’s Livestock Show kicked off Monday with the judging of chickens, turkeys, dairy heifers and dairy goats.

This is PCLIA’s 70th annual show and has 546 exhibitors showing 1,494 entries.

Clifford Buchanan, who lives in Decatur and owns Diamond B Cattle Company, judged the dairy heifer competition of both Jersey and Holstein heifers of several classes. Buchanan said the heifers he judged were of excellent quality.

This is about the third or fourth time Buchanan has judged at the PCLIA show, though he has been judging for about 40 years. He said showing livestock builds responsibility, courtesy and work ethic in kids and he encouraged families to help their kids participate.

“Showing any kind of animal teaches the kids life skills that will be beneficial from now on,” Buchanan said.

Stone Stegall, 18, won in the senior showmanship competition for dairy heifers, which he wasn’t expecting to win.

“Once [the judge] pulled the other girl, she’s a really good shower, and I thought he could go either way with it when he pulled the top two,” Stegall said.

Stegall has been showing livestock since his freshman year in high school and said he has competed in about 20 shows. He is also planning to compete in the market steer competition that takes place on Wednesday. Stegall said the market steer competition can be quite competitive.

“It’s very competitive because we have so many different, great families here that have great market animals so it’s very difficult to come in sometimes,” Stegall said.

Competing at home can sometimes be more intimidating than competing away from home, Stegall said.

“I show a lot all over, so whenever of course I come back to my hometown, it’s kind of hard to do because I’m so nervous that I have expectations to set,” Stegall said.

Stegall competed with his siblings in the dairy heifer competition, including his younger sister Steleigh Stegall, 14, who will also compete in the market steer competition.

Beth Carpenter, 8, has been showing dairy goats for the past two years. Her family has Boer goats, and Amethyst is Carpenter’s favorite goat because she has a calming effect on the other goats.

“Then, she also calms me down,” Carpenter said.

Carpenter said she may want to be a veterinarian later in life.

The stock show continues through Friday.

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