The process to hire a new superintendent for Peaster ISD is moving forward.

Earlier this week, staff and community members gave their input on qualities that they would like to see in a superintendent in meetings moderated by Peaster ISD attorney Rhonda Crass.

“I think it went extremely well,” Crass said. “There was a lot of community and faculty participation, and people were very vested in what they were looking for.”

Crass will be sharing a superintendent profile with the board of trustees next week in a closed session meeting. The application and profile are to be published on Sept. 9, and applications will be open until Oct. 22.

In July, Peaster ISD board of trustees selected Rod Townsend to serve as an interim superintendent after former superintendent Matt Adams resigned from the district.

Peaster ISD Communications Director Paul Casey said the board is hoping to hire a permanent superintendent by the end of the year.

The attendees at the meetings were asked what are the district’s successes, what their concerns about the district are, personal and professional qualifications for a superintendent, solutions available to a superintendent and how the community could support a superintendent.

“They wanted someone of vision but yet honored the rich history and past that this community has,” Casey said.

Attendees noted concerns about growth and how the district’s infrastructure would support growth, Crass said. They also indicated that the new superintendent should have experience in fast-growing school districts.

Attendees noted that the biggest success of Peaster ISD is its students and faculty, Crass said.

Casey attended the meeting for staff and said about 20 people came to the meeting, which is about 10 percent of staff. The staff group was a mix of all three campuses.

“That’s a really good number for a district Peaster’s size,” Crass said. “I’ve actually done searches in school districts in faculty meetings where no one has shown up, so yeah I was very pleased with the turnout.”

For the community meeting, about 45 people attended, and Crass said every seat in the room was filled.

Board President Mike Bowling declined to comment on the search process. Trustees did not attend the search meetings so that the attendees could speak more freely. 

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