Peaster High School is planning new rewards for students who pass and attend their classes.

Starting early next month, students can receive Greyhound Cards, which reward students for grades and perfect attendance, PHS Assistant Principal Jimmy Steen said. The cards will be given out every six weeks after the grading period.

There are three levels of cards — white, blue and grey. The white card is for students who pass their classes with As, Bs and Cs or higher or have perfect attendance, Steen said. White cardholders are eligible to a free homework pass, free tardy pass, five-minutes early to lunch pass and a pass to get admission to home athletic events.

The blue level is for A and B honor roll students, and the grey level is for students on the all A honor roll, Steen said. For these cards, PHS is partnering with local businesses to allow cardholders to have discounts on food or other items as well as the benefits included on the white card.

Some of the rewards from businesses included so far are a free large drink from Sonic, free chips and salsa from Mesquite Pit, free deli box item from JC Kwik Mart and 10 percent off a clothing item from Teskey’s, Steen said.

“We’ve got four businesses; we’re trying to get four more, and then based on what we think are kind of the prized rewards, those better rewards will go on the grey card, and the lesser rewards will go on the blue card,” Steen said.

The other businesses are still being finalized, Steen said, and he encouraged other businesses that want to participate in the reward system to contact Peaster High School.

Steen said the system was in place while he was working at another school district previously, and the students appreciated the rewards.

“From my experience, kiddos who come to school every day and do what they’re supposed to and make good grades, show up on time, all that stuff, sometimes those kids get overlooked, and they don’t get any rewards for doing what we ask them to do,” Steen said. “This is just a way to reward kiddos for passing their classes and showing up everyday and kind of doing what we ask them to do.”

Steen hopes the students will enjoy the new rewards, and it will motivate kids to pass their classes. The reward system also benefits the businesses that students will go to cash in on their rewards, Steen said.

“Our goal is that it’s rewarding the academics, and hopefully, the kid that’s on the C might decide that gives them incentive to jump it up a level,” Peaster ISD Communications Director Paul Casey said.

The cards may also show the market for Peaster business, Casey said.

“We’re kind of forgotten,” Casey said. “If you look out in this world here, we’ve got this big school, this 3A school, and look at the businesses we have. We have a Dollar General, a little convenience store and one gas station, so all the people who live and work here, they do business in Weatherford primarily.”

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